What Does Norka Luque Do?

Norka Luque is a professional entertainer and singer who has made a career out of performing for people who enjoy the Latin and reggae-inspired music that she puts out. This is something that has allowed her to be successful and something that she has loved doing for many years. While she has been a great singer in the time that she has been performing, this was not always the path that she had chosen for herself when it came to the things that she was going to do to be able to be a success in life.

As a student, Norka knew that she wanted to do big things. She first tried her hand in the business world and truly enjoyed it, but she still knew that she was missing something. The business world was not right for her even though she was relatively successful at the work that she did. She moved on to something that would allow her to have a greater level of creative freedom: culinary school. During her time in culinary school, she learned that this was still not something that she wanted. She studied food in France and it can be truly difficult to find a suitable career in a country that is focused mainly around food and has the top chefs in the world sitting at nearly every restaurant.

Being in France, Norka also had the time to study fashion. She thought that this would be the perfect career choice for her because she was talented at all things related to fashion and she knew that being where she was would give her the upper hand when it came to the fashion industry. This career, though, was still not fulfilling enough for her and she was always wanting something more out of her life.

While in France, she was asked to join a band. The band loved her singing and they wanted her to go on tour with them. She had finally found her true calling in life and began performing on a regular basis. The band that she was with gave her the connections that she needed to kick off her solo career. She did just that and began seeing the success that she had wanted. Since that time, she has recorded and performed nonstop. The singing career was what she was always looking for and what allowed her to truly be successful.

All about Norka’s Music: http://www.norkamusic.com/

JustFab: Fashion For All Purposes

One thing about fashion is that it can be used for almost anything. Fashion on businessinsider.com can be used in order to just blend in with the crowd. At the same time, fashion can also be used to stand out be a unique person. Either way, fashion can send a message to others. The important thing is for the person to send the message that she wants to send so that people will respond to her based on who she really is. Adam Goldenberg has founded JustFab for those that are brave enough to stand out. However, JustFab is also good for those that are willing to blend in.

JustFab is good for people who are tired of comparing themselves to others. There are some women who are looking for ways to stand out so that they can achieve their status as one of a kind. However, given that fashion is varied for women, it can be harder to stand out. Fortunately, JustFab at http://www.forbes.com/sites/tomiogeron/2011/09/21/former-intermix-coo-raises-33m-for-fashion-brand-justfabulous/ has the right sensibilities in order for women to be able to wear clothing that helps them be unique among others without being overly provocative. Women just have to go onto the website check out all of the other products online that are worth admiring.

Adam Goldenberg as an entrepreneur has learned the importance of knowing and providing what people want. When it comes to women and fashion, he has been able to find a market for people that are looking for something other than the tired trends that other fashion brands are offering. However, he is not going to go to overboard. Adam Goldenberg looks at the items that are selling the most in order to find the ones that he is going offer more of.

For women, standing out can be very important. They can gain the admiration that they crave when they find the right clothing that from the product choices. JustFab has the different styles to please the women that dress for themselves as well as others that dress for different reasons which include impressing others according to Adam Goldenberg. All one has to do is subscribe and pick out an outfit that she wants the most so that she will be able to enjoy what the company has to offer.

Class Dojo Has Developed And Spread Their Innovative Platform For Education

Since 2011, Class Dojo has been getting the attention of many involved in the school community. Class Dojo is a company that produced the Class Dojo app, an educational communication platform that has been designed to improve the level of engagement students get in school. Along with the app comes the growth mindset videos, which are a series of videos developed to teach kids the foundation principals of school, learning, and life. Within a relatively short period of time since they launched, Class Dojo has managed to find great success, and today their platform is being used by more than two thirds of all US schools.


By improving the communication between students, parents, and teachers on all levels, it allows students to feel like they have more support and encouragement, which improves their confidence and the desire to participate. Teachers are able to give students constant feedback and advice through the app to help them along the way. Not only that, but parents can check in on their kids while they are in school to see how they are progressing and behaving. In case of issues or important information, teachers are able to directly message parents through the program. What’s better is that the price of staying connected and improving the quality of education of students, is free. All that is required to join up is an invitation from a classroom instructor. The app can be used on nearly any device out there as long as it is connected to the internet.


Class Dojo is also easy to use for students of all ages and comes with support for up to 35 different languages. Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, the founders of Class Dojo, have stated that they plan to continue to improve on the features and services available through the Class Dojo platform, all of which will remain free, while offering special features that will cost money to help the program stay afloat. Teachers all over the country have been excited about this program and through word of mouth it has gone quite far, spreading to countries all over the globe. They company will continue to do all in their power to improve on the quality of education for students and build more positive school environments. Getting involved today is only an invitation and free download away, so anyone can get started on improving their children’s education.


David Osio continues to give back and inspire

David Osio is best known for his strong support of the community, art, music, and medical research. He is a philanthropic businessman whose goal is to create a positive change in the world through his efforts. He graduated as a lawyer with honors from the Catholic University Andres Bello in Caracas in 1988 and began his career in Venezuela as Director in the Legal Desk MGO where he provided advice to clients such as Ferro and Consolidated Bank. About ten years later, he finished his specialization at the Institute of Higher Administration Studies in Caracas. He achieved advanced professional credentials at the New York Institute of France. For over two decades David Osio has been in continuous collaboration with numerous non-profit organizations and in addition to growing financial services, he continues to support charitable organizations globally.

Osio has been an annual supporter of the Miami Symphony Orchestra during the years he served as an Orchestra Board member. He’s also a solid supporter of The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation and is a sponsor of the EPK events every year. Osio is a strong believer in the fact that every little bit helps when it comes to medical research for children and he hopes that the more fortunate can combines resources to make a difference for the cause as well. However despite all his success, he has still remained compassionate to those around him and continues to make charitable contributions to help make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate. He continues to support the Wayuu Taya foundation, the Fundana Foundation, and the UMA foundation through his generous donations. He also funded the Saludarte Foundation of Art in Miami, including the latest exhibition by artist Cruz Diez.

David Osio is the founder and CEO of Davos Financial Group where he takes responsibility for domestic and global strategy. Over the last twenty years, Osio has molded DFG into a well-known global company. He is the one behind the income level increase, and expansion into the Geneva, New York, Miami, Lisbon, and Panama City markets.

Because of David Osio’s gracious and selfless contributions to his communities, he’s been recognized with numerous international recognition and awards. Osio continues to be successful and yet still remains humble. He is a grand example of how to give back to the community. Success is not the most important thing, but rather, the kind of person you are.

Follow Osio on Twitter @davidosio1

Gooee’s Smart Lighting will Change Your Life

Technology is quickly evolving in the energy and lighting industry. Gooee Smart Lighting is the number one choice for people that are interested in learning more about Smart Lighting for the home or business. We live in a world filled with smart appliances, smart phones, smart watches, and smart cars. People are investing in smart homes that save them time and money. Smart lighting is a very important part of smart homes. What is the big deal about smart lighting? Well, smart lighting is a way to reduce energy bills and save a tremendous amount of money.

Smart Lighting
Smart lighting is considered a catch all phrase for the new energy saving bulbs and lighting appliances that have a lot of convenient features on them. Smart bulbs have the same features as your basic LED lighting, but they go a few steps further. Smart bulbs or lighting might have sensors that turn on and off at certain times. Plus, they are able to learn the habits of the occupants and memorize them. Thus, acting automatically. Some other features include the ability to control the lighting wirelessly with a smart-phone, tablet, computer, or even over a home network.

The Future Is Now
Gooee’s smart lighting technology was something to look forward to in a distant future. Certainly, that future is happening right now in homes across the country. The transition from incandescent lights to LED and smart lighting from Gooee has made this transition possible. Today, this technology is used by everyone and is constantly evolving.

Flavio Maluf Shares 5 Profitable Investment Alternatives to Savings


Flavio Maluf, a BA graduate from NYU, shared five profitable investments that yield higher returns that savings. According to Flavio, investing in government bonds and CDI is a relatively risk-free affair because they maintain a stable interest rate of 14.25 percent annually. Below are five other investments pointed out by Flavio Maluf on Exame Abril.


  1. Certificate of Deposit (CBD)


The CBD has no management fee; however, you will be required to pay income tax. The security of the investment made is dependent on the bank closing the transaction. Big banks often do not offer large amounts of money for CBD; hence it is better to approach a smaller bank. Investors are protected by the Credit Guarantee Fund (FGC).


  1. Fixed Income Funds


This investment attracts a management fee and income tax and is not guaranteed by the FGC. Any investment with a management fee that surpasses 1 percent should be avoided.


  1. Private Pension


This investment has two alternatives. The Free Benefit Life (VGBL) requires you to declare your income tax using a simplified form, and fees are charged on profits during redemption. In the Plan Free Benefit (PGBL) plan, the entire investment value is taxed.


  1. Treasury Direct


Treasury Direct refers to investing in government bonds. Though risky, this investment has the potential to yield high returns. Only a broker or a bank can complete this transaction.


  1. LCIs and LCAs


These investments are guaranteed by the FGC and don’t require the payment of an administration fee or income tax.



The Eucatex president, Flavio Maluf, is a successful businessman and corporate executive with over three decades of experience. Although he studied mechanical engineering in college, he pursued a business-related career. Today, the Brazilian businessman also heads GrandFood Group, holds a BA from New York University and is a happily married man with 3 kids.


Flavio joined Eucatex in 1987 and worked hard to advance his career prospects inside the company. After his appointment to the presidency, he instituted reforms to modernize the company and increase its profitability. In 2010, Eucatex opened another plant at Salto, Sao Paulo. As a pioneer in the production of environmentally friendly products, the company has come a long way since its inception in 1951.

New Brexit £20 Gold Coin Is A Good Investment According To Philip Diehl President Of The U.S. Money Reserve

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union is a first, and the financial markets have reacted like they always do when something new happens. The investors that are scared sell, and the investors that know that they will be bargains, stick around and buy assets at very low prices. The biggest winners from the Brexit vote are gold and silver. Those markets went crazy after the vote, and according to financial specialists like Philip Diehl, the President of the U.S. Money Reserve, gold is going to continue to increase in value for at least the next 18 months. The Royal Mint decided to take advantage of the new gold rush by minting a new £20 gold coin. The Brexit gold coin is a work of art according to Diehl, and at the current price, it’s a steal for investors that are in the know.

The U.S. Money Reserve is one of the largest distributors or rare gold and silver coins in the United States. Phil Diehl came to the U.S. Money Reserve from his last government post which was the director of the United States Mint. Mr. Diehl is the person that help develop the 50-state quarter program. The 50-state quarter program is one of the most successful coin mintage in recent Mint history, and it looks like the Brits have produced a winner of their own when they decided to produce the Brexit gold coin.

The Royal Mint also produced a .9999 fine gold £5 gold coin along with the .9999 fine gold £20 coin. The mint also produced two silver coins in the same denominations. Each coin has an outline of the United Kingdom and the Union Jack Flag which is opposite continental Europe. The coins also have the date June 23, 2016, inscribed on them, according to Mr. Diehl.

Diehl also said the gold £5 piece weighs 0.5 gram, and its diameter is 11 millimeters. Only 10,000 were minted. The gold £20 coin weighs 3.1 grams, and its diameter is 26 millimeters. The mint only produced 2,016 of that coin. People that never collected coins are buying these new gold coins because the value of gold continues to climb. Investors are adding the coins to their investment portfolios, and collectors are adding them to their rare coin collection. The U.S. Money Reserve has coins available, and Diehl thinks the £20 coin won’t last long.

Learn more: http://www.apmex.com/product/102379/2016-cook-islands-1-10-oz-gold-brexit-proof

Keith Mann Sees The Good In The Future

Keith Mann always remembers the mentors that helped him out along the way and helped him pave the way to have all of the success he has had as the president of Dynamics Search Partners and also as an entrepreneur. No one can do something on their own. They have people in their corner that are showing them the ropes and showing them how things are done and the way to conduct themselves in the real world. They don’t just fall of a turnip truck and have this information locked into their brains. It takes a lot of advice and then the person has to follow the advice and see it through. That is what Keith Mann has done.

Recently, he held a very important fundraiser for Uncommon Schools, which is a cause he is very passionate about and a cause that means a great deal to him. He has talked in other articles and interviews about how he wants to level the playing field. He wants to give everyone a chance to succeed and everyone a chance to do whatever they have their heart set on as a dream or a goal. Once they have that chance, much like Keith Mann, it is up to them to pursue it and make it a reality.

The event ended up raising over 22 thousand dollars and this is money that is going to be for the 2014-2015 school year at a new high school to be opened by Uncommon Schools. I like that word uncommon. Too often, people fall into the category of common or being like everyone else and behaving like everyone else. When someone is uncommon, it means they don’t fit into a little box and you can’t label them. They are phenomenal and truly one-of=a-kind. Keith Mann wants to see show the world all they have to offer it. They can be the next Keith Mann. He is more than happy to take them under his wing and he is also more than happy to have fundraisers like this. Money goes a long way with this types of events.

Securus JLG Technologies

Based out of Dallas, Texas, Securus Technologies is a company that specializes in giving services to over 3,450 people in the public safety and law enforcement field. Securus also works with correction agencies and supports over 1,200,000 inmates that are in North America. The company was created to provide support in emergency response procedures, management of different incidents, public information, investigating cases, biometric analysis, communication between service providers, and watching products and services. All of these services combined are creating a safer environment for the country to live in.


Securus has recently announced to the world that they will be releasing a new service called Investigator Pro 4.0. Investigator Pro will have a searchable voice feature attached to it. This new program will give professional investigators the option to take a voice sample from an inmate of the person that is on the phone with the inmate. After taking a voice sample, the investigator will be able to search any other phone call where that voice is in the call.


Investigator Pro will be useful in many different scenarios. It will be able to help uncover different gang activity that is happening. It will also discover other high-interest activity as well as any nefarious activities that will be potentially harmful. The voice feature will be the key in stopping these activities before they get too out of hand. Other inmates that have called the same party will also be more easily identified, so it will let officers know which inmates are working together in jail. IPRO 4.0 is changing the way that biometric sophistication is assisting investigators in being proactive when it comes to stopping crime.

Learn About The Entrepreneurial Journey Of Don Ressler And JustFab

Don Ressler is a successful businessman with a history of establishing major businesses that have emerged successfully. His start-ups are an inspiration to many people as he has injected a lot into ensuring they thrive and grow into established businesses, something he has achieved in most of his businesses.

Through the first startup, FitnessHeaven.com, Don Ressler was able to understand the market well and he sought to expand his business through the acquisition of more resources to fuel new ideas. This forced him to sell his first start-up to Interix Media in 2001. To establish his first business, Don Ressler teamed up with Adam Goldenberg and they came up with Alena Media. The company ran an ecommerce and performance advertising section, which generated millions in revenue before it was acquired by News Corp.

The duo proceeded to bigger ideas with the capital they had generated and their next investment was Intelligent Beauty on Huffington Post. They spent days thinking and brainstorming what they would venture into next and this is what they found in their line of assessment. The business would base its performance online owing to the fact they had prior experience and skills on online marketing.

Intelligent Beauty grew through ranks and in 2010, they launched their third business, JustFab. JustFab is an online subscription retail that offers fashion and beauty products.

Founded by Don Ressler with help from his partner Adam Goldenberg, JustFab has grown over the years and expanded its addressable market. In 2011, they received $33 million from Matrix Partners, a U.S. based venture capital. They also sought additional $76 million from several companies and their goal was to expand the operations of the company to cover other markets apart from the U.S. JustFab, therefore, expanded its coverage to other European markets like Germany, Canada and the UK.

In 2013, JustFab bought over FabKids on wikipedia.org, a fashion subscription retail for children. Note that the two companies were initially independent and there was no relationship between them despite the similarity in naming.

Through the TechStyle sub brand of the company, several celebrities have released collections. One of the celebrities that have used this service for long is Avril Lavigne and beauty experts Elle and Blair Fowler. TechStyle has continued to invest in expansion and is looking to get into more markets around the world. JustFab has also been working to establish a strong presence through acquisitions and the development of its network.