The Business and Charity Accomplishments of Solo Capital’s founder, Sanjay Shah.

Solo Capital Markets is a UK government-regulated global boutique financial services company that was incorporated in 2011. It is based in London, England, and its principal proficiency is in consulting, professional sports investments, and proprietary trading. The company’s other names are Solo Capital UK and Solo Capital Limited. Solo Capital has been very successful, and its net worth by March 2015 was 15.45 million pounds, and it had 67.45 million pounds and 30.26 million pounds in assets and cash flow respectively.

Sanjay Shah owns Solo Capital Partners, which is managed by Solo Group Holdings. He is the also the creator and the Chief Executive Officer Solo Group Holdings’ controller, known as Aesa S.a.r.l. Sanjay is a business mogul and maintains more than thirty companies in Dubai, Malta, Luxembourg, The British Virgin Islands and The Cayman Islands. Solo Capital generated about 19 million pounds for him in the fiscal year that ended in March 2011, before he incorporated it. He also owns Old Park Lane Capital, which he obtained in 2004. The company is an institutional and request-only stockbroker and has specialized in natural resources. His net worth was approximated to be 280 million dollars in January 2016, and he thinks of himself as retired.

Mr. Shah recently interviewed with the Global Citizen Magazine were he reviled that before joining the financial and investment sector, he had studied medicine but did not go into practice. He alternatively chose to work as an accountant and was employed in various investment firms such as Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, and Merrill Lynch. In 2009, his employer had financial problems, and therefore, his job was terminated. Sanjay did not seek for another job, but he instead opted to establish a brokerage enterprise, which is currently Solo Capital.

Sanjay is a famous philanthropist and is known for starting Autism Rocks, which facilitates autism awareness creation and raising of funds to support research on the condition. The finances are mainly raised through concerts, and the idea was created with the help of Snoop Dogg. Shah was motivated to establish the foundation in 2011 after his son, who was then four years old, was diagnosed with the condition. The charity organization staged its first gig in 2014 and invited the late Prince to perform. They have also had other successful events and have worked with Lenny Kravitz, Snoop Dogg, Drake, Michael Buble and various international DJs. During his interview, Shah reviled that he became conscious on where to donate after his son was diagnosed with the neurodevelopmental disorder and he has sponsored many children in India for more than ten years.

He invested 100,000 dollars on the “Autism Rocks” domain name to be used in creating the organization’s website. The online platform’s primary purpose is to help in creating more awareness about the disease. Sanjay Shah serves as a Director of Autism Research Trust, which is a benefactor of the Autism Research Center based at Cambridge University.


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What You Need to Know About Wealth Solutions Inc.

Asset protection is the number one priority of every asset owner. Many people who hold assets may not have the time and experience to manage their assets. This is why financial advisors like Wealth Solutions Inc. are very important in wealth management. They offer services that can help you manage, grow and protect your assets.

Wealth Solutions is an investment advisory firm that is duly registered and offers comprehensive and personalized financial planning to individuals, small business owners and families that own assets. The purpose of the firm is make the lives of its clients better. The services are personalized because different individuals have different financial needs. The firm services clients in Austin and surrounding neighborhoods such as Bastrop, Houston, Georgetown, Marble Falls and New Braunfels.

Wealth Solutions Inc. is a firm that has perfect knowledge about the financial markets. The firm holds a strong belief that financial strategies should change considering the dynamic nature of the financial markets. It is for this reason that the firm always comes up with innovative investment solutions that are loved by its clients. The firm works to help the clients to minimize the risks that are prevalent in the financial industry.

The firm’s client-base is mostly composed of individuals who are approaching retirement and therefore planning for it. Wealth Solutions is the best firm to help clients in financial management because it understands that clients approach investment advisory firms seeking to preserve their wealth, and generally secure their financial future. Clients have managed to achieve their retirement goals through the help of Wealth Solutions.

Richard Blair, who is the Wealth Solutions founder, is the force behind the success of Wealth Solutions. Clients find a perfect partner who can manage their assets perfectly well in Richard Blair.

About Richard Blair

Richard Blair has been obsessed with helping other people all his life. He has a natural aptitude for finance and he realized that it was not good to keep everything for himself when he could help people with planning their financial future.

Blair started his career in financial markets immediately after graduating from college in 1993. In 1994, he founded Wealth Solutions as an independent firm. He founded the firm after realizing that many people were not getting sound financial advice. He aimed at providing his clients with objective financial advice that did not mislead them. Through Blair’s help, clients have avoided the mistakes that people make when planning for their financial future.

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Why The US Money Reserve Is The Best Government-Issued Coins Distributor In The US

On February 2016, Philip Diehl the former US Mint Director and the current US Money Reserve President appeared at the Eric Dye for Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio and spoke about many diverse issues ranging from his leadership background as well as his current employer’s esteemed customer service.  Learn more about U.S. Money Reserve: US Money Reserve | CrunchBase and U.S. Money Reserve featured on EPN’s Enterprise Radio

The show is a respected platform when matters related to giving a platform to small business owners and entrepreneurs to showcase their latest innovations, products, and services are concerned. Diehl is one of the most respected U.S Mint Directors in history. In his tenure, he has been held responsible for major achievements like the 50 States Quarter program as well as the minting of the first ever US coin that was government-issued. During the interview, he recalled how the U.S Mint transformed during his tenure.

He was particular to say that together with other members of the managerial team, they managed to transform an agency that many considered backward to become an entrepreneurial giant. He said that it was made possible by the company’s commitment to having the best customer care service team.

When he become the President of the U.S Money Reserve, he used the same managerial spirit and gusto to improve customer relations in the company. In his tenure, the company has managed to become one of the country’s biggest distributors of government-issued coins, bullion and bars.

The U.S Money Reserve is trusted by thousands of clients precisely the reason it has been able to make a phenomenal name for itself in the competitive government-issued coins business. Over the years, the company has made it possible for clients to choose the most precious metals for the specific portfolio needs. Many of U.S Money Reserve’s clients are currently in profit because they made the right purchases with the right company.

What has propelled the U.S Money Reserve to the top is because it has the best team of trusted professionals. The team is held responsible for helping all it’s clients make the most informed choices when investing.

The company has the most experienced professionals who include the customer relations team, experienced account executives, the best numismatic experts in the industry, members of the vault and shipping department, the best coin research professionals, the order verification personnel as well as the members of the compliance and standards department. The U.S Money Reserve has and will continue being the most trusted government issued trusted metals distributor in the US.

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Atlantic City Stages a Comeback

Can an influx of young working professionals bring much needed vitality (and a new tax base) to an Atlantic City that has lost much of its luster over the years? Experts in New Jersey real estate development think new development is the key to bringing in new vitality into the area, and hopes are now high that the right type of residential projects are definitely on the way.

Wassim Boraie, a leading residential developer with his firm, Boraie Development LLC, spoke recently at a summit on commercial development in New Jersey, and he shared his views on what is happening currently and what is offering great hope for the future of Atlantic City.

In Boraie’s view, the key to bringing new vitality into Atlantic City is to attract young professionals in the 25 to 34 age range. According to a census study from a few years back, the city holds only 13 percent of its population in that age range. What’s clear is that the energy of working professionals is missing from the area, and the lack of new residential housing starts hasn’t helped. Now however, there is a wealth of new development in the pipeline, with, according to Boraie, five to ten major projects on the way.

This is a huge piece of news, as the thinking from developers like Boraie is that several major projects coming in at once is much more attractive to business and to new residents than just one single project. In the past, Atlantic City has rallied around single projects in the hope that one major development would help the city to turn the corner, but that thinking lead to disappointment.

Now, however, the influx of projects has the potential to create a magnet here for working professionals in need of upscale yet affordable housing. The other factor in all of this is the rising rents in Manhattan which have driven so many working people out of the city and into the boroughs. New Jersey, with its proximity to New York, could benefit from this trend as well, as long as attractive housing is in place.

Can Atlantic City really turn things around? If current trends continue, the answer is a definite yes.

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Online Reputation Management with Bury Bad Articles

Negative press, negative reviews, and any other negative feedback can have a negative effect on your business. Your company’s reputation is very crucial to its performance and success. When your business’s online reputation is below stellar, your company could use professional help from Online Reputation Management (ORM) firms to bury bad articles down the search results. There is a variety of tasks that can be performed by ORM companies to help you bury down bad reviews, feedback and press releases to help you maintain a high online reputation. Some of these services include:

• Third Party Website Monitoring- An employee fired for poor performance or an unsatisfied customer may leak negative and malicious reviews about your company or services online. To help you with countering these negative reviews, ORM firms looks up for these negative feedbacks and reviews the public’s reaction to them to help create a counter move.

• Social Media Management- Social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter can boost up your company’s online reputation. For a better reputation, ORM firms clean up negative reviews, comments, pictures, and posts from your social media networks.

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Management- SEO is a way of making your online content rank higher in search engines. ORM firms help in SEO and manage the rankings to avoid falling. This ensures both your regular and prospective customers get access to real and positive info about your company.

There are numerous services that ORM firms provide apart from the above mentioned. However, for better results for your company, choosing the best ORM firm is critical. Some of the factors to consider include:

 The ORM Company’s service delivery
 The needs and goals of your business
 Do a comprehensive research before your decision
 The cost of the services
 Additions such as empathy, expertise, unique technology, and integrity among others

Bury Bad Articles is an ORM firm that helps you bury the negative reviews, feedbacks, and press about your business. This newcomer is fastly growing in popularity due to its excellent service provision. This company aims at shielding your business from negative articles, slanderous blog posts, and poor business reviews among others. The company offers 100% guaranteed services with no surcharges. Additionally, the company offers free quotes. Visit Bury Bad Articles’ website at for a clear insight into their services.

The Current State of the Venezuelan Economy and Its Impact on Venezuela

A humanitarian and political crisis are happening in Venezuela. According to Open Corporates news, there is a lack of sugar. Consequently, the state-run sugar producers have reported that they have stopped producing sugar. This sugar shortage is not only inconvenient for Venezuela and other countries around the world, but it also is a sign of the state of emergency the country is in.
In addition to sugar, the country is also running out of basic goods. Some of these basic goods include flour, eggs, and milk. Last but not least, many people like Jose Velasquez in Venezuela who need medical attention are not surviving because medical supplies are scarce.

The government is getting so low on revenue  according to a Dateas report that basic goods such as barley, sugar, potatoes and other various goods cannot be imported. The price of oil is also having a negative impact on the economy. Oil is one of the main industries that drives Venezuela’s economy. While the value of oil has decreased, government spending has increased.

Even though oil prices are steadily rising, the economy has a long way to go before it gets back on track.


How Does Kyle Bass Stand To Profit?

While Kyle Bass is far from oracle, he has made some accurate predictions regarding the stock market. Usually those predictions are grounded in some inside knowledge Bass has, which means when he speaks, people pay attention. The best way to consider anything Bass has to say is to ask where the money is going/coming from. How does Bass stand to profit?

At SALT 2016, Bass and a number of other prominent financiers were involved in a Q & A. Questions of the current market and future outcomes were explored, and Bass’ contention is that a bear is on the way. He believes that the fixed income market is facilitating a bubble. He also believes that China’s lending practices are going to result in an economic implosion similar to that seen in America when the sub-prime housing market bubble burst in 2008. Bass likens the current economic climate to that seen in America between March and April, 2007.

Some financiers agreed with him in the Q & A, but not all. There was one gentleman who pointed out four economic indicators that demonstrate a bear market; all of which were absent from today’s market. Bass then said a fifth indicator was the increase of a bubble, and he’s got a definite point.

The question is: how does Bass really know a burst is on the way? Well, Useful Stooges reports in 2008, one reason he was privy to this information was that he worked for the first bank to collapse. Shortly before that bank’s collapse, Kyle Bass ceased to work for them. It has now been discovered that he tipped a major news agency regarding that bank, and what they said on the air can be directly linked to subsequent collapse. Bass also has close ties to socialist despot Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, who has defaulted Argentina twice in only thirteen years. She could be furnishing him inside information unknown to other investors.

Bass is a hedge fund manager based out of Texas, and he uses things like special interest groups (read: CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs) to manipulate the market in his favor. He shows no sign of ceasing. What is his angle now?

Push Bad Articles Down For Positive Publicity

Almost everyone these days gets their information from search engines like Google. For most, this is great! Businesses like restaurants, local cleaning companies, clothing stores, and more thrive on this. That’s because it’s a way for more people to be reached and to hear about their company. This is almost always a good thing. Except, one bad article online can really hurt a company.

These bad articles crop up into Google search results and if they’re in the first couple of pages, they can be detrimental to a business. These bad articles can come from a variety of sources. Someone could have been upset and written a bad review. There could have been some bad publicity. Or perhaps even, the article just isn’t true. It doesn’t matter what the reason. What matters is that people are going to see it and they are going to make judgements based off of it.

That’s why it’s important to bury bad news to the bottom in search results. These can be negative ones or ones that simply aren’t relevant to a person or a person’s business. By pushing these to the bottom, the best ones are able to be shown first. These are the ones that have relevant information, great reviews, and a purpose.

Bury Bad Articles is a great resource for eliminating these. They are a business that will help to eliminate the bad press that is found on Google. They are trustworthy, reliable, and they provide a quote right away for their services. They are a sure fire way to ensure that no one is going to see these bad articles on the first few pages. The majority of people who use a search engine trust what the first few pages have to show. They very rarely go to anything past those pages.

Overall, burying bad articles can make all the difference when it comes to building the reputation of your business. Search engines are trustworthy sources when it comes to getting information. Most people head there instead of typing in a URL. That’s why it’s key to make sure the first few pages are filled with positive publicity.

NutriMost a program that lets you lose up to 40 lbs in 40 days

People are not all the same why would you use a generic weight loss system? Shouldn’t your weight loss program be tailored to your needs? NutriMost is the latest weight loss guide featured by that is helping individuals lose weight within a very short period of time, because it looks at you and your lifestyle habits.
NutriMost not only works, but it is safe and easy to follow. You don’t need to starve yourself. There are also no drugs, no pre-packaged foods, no hormones, or need to exercise. A doctor will give you the required daily support to ensure your goals are achieved. Nutrimost makes use of state of the art technology that measures your body in order to determine a precise plan for every person to lose weight in the best manner possible. It uses these measurements to create a custom guide for every individual. Patients are able to gain and lose weight differently, and once the weight is off they are taught how to keep it from coming back. This is possible by each person locking in a specific weight number and doing a rest phase to stay within two pounds of their goal weight. NutriMost succeeds because it is unlike other programs which do not address the patient’s specific needs and end up failing.

There are many stories posted on facebook of people losing 20 or more pounds of weight in their first 40 days. For instance, Dr.Mitch Gordon has lost 38 lbs on NutriMost. He is one of the NutriMost Connecticut’s proprietors, and has been a licensed chiropractic physician for over 20 years. Following the same system one is capable of losing up to 5 lbs of fat per week.

Another example, is of members Al and Linda Sparaco. They were overweight and facing serious health issues. Both had tried a number of different diet and exercise methods. Nothing seemed to work. One day Linda saw an advertisement for NutriMost and decided to go for a consultation. Al and Linda have each lost over 50lbs and no longer have to take health medications for blood pressure and cholesterol. Visit for their testimonials.

NutriMost was launched in the year 2014. Since then, it has produced multiple successful outcomes where an overweight, unhappy, person starts living a healthy lifestyle. You can be next. Start NutriMost today.



Wen By Chaz: The 7 Day Test Recap

By now you’re probably familiar with the cleansing conditioner of Wen by Chaz Dean. The infomercials all show fantastic results on youtube for the average person’s hair. In the article from Bustle, writer Emily McClure put her thin hair on the line for 7 days in the hopes it was true. Here’s a recap of the results.

Day One
On the first use she was surprised at the feeling of instantly more hair as she worked it into her scalp. It just seemed thicker all of the sudden. She also noticed on that there was no hair in the drain. Zero strands falling out!

Day Three
By the third day she was noticing a bit more body in her hair. She said to make sure to completely rinse or you’re left with a slightly oily feel. By the end of the third day on Facebook The health and shine of her hair impressed her overall.

Day Seven
By the end of the week she admitted that her hair was shinier, with more body. Her overall on youtube thin looking hair was no more. In the end she said that Wen was a great product for someone like herself.

The Wen product line has been pretty steadily gaining in popularity since it’s inception. The whole pitch promises anybody of any hair type a great head of hair. They have many varieties of treatments depending on your hair and how you care for it.

If you’re not familiar with Chaz Dean, he’s a stylist to the stars. The celebrity stylist wants to offer these great products to everyone, not just the glitterati. WEN are unique in the way that they cleanse without harmful lathers and sulfates of other shampoos. These 5-in-one conditioning shampoos promise people from all walks of life that perfect hair they dream of.