Helane Morrison Cracks Down On Fraud And Ensures Compliance


Compliance officers play a crucial role in companies. They help ensure that all the rules and regulations are complied with throughout the entire company. Ramifications can be severe for companies that violate the laws and codes in place at the local, state and federal level. Just take a look at some of the major scandals that have rocked companies recently such as the Volkswagen emission scandal and and the drug scandal involving a high level executive that is accused of price gouging. Both Volkswagen and the drug companies accused of price gouging medicine have taken a major hit to their reputation and have suffered severe public backlash as penalties. 

Then there is also the idea of ethics, which is of utmost importance as well. A compliance officer must make sure that rules are being followed, regulations met, and that the business operates in a ethical way to prevent fraud and abuse. The key to a successful compliance officer involves them being well trained, familiar with the business, versed with the culture and having the trust and respect of colleagues. Compliance officers must also be independent and be backed by the owners or stakeholders of a firm, so that they are given actual power and are not just a figure that has a desk and office in the firm. 

Chief compliance officer Helane Morrison who currently works at Hall Capital Partners LLC. in San Fransisco, California is a prime example of an ideal CCO. Morrison has the respect and trust of her colleagues and the backing of the board at Hall Capital Partners LLC. She served as an administrator on the Securities and Exchange Commission where she helped litigate cases against suspected cases of fraud and cheating in the northwest district. Morrison fought against fraud and abuse during her tenure at the SEC and earned a reputation for enforcing the rules and making the market fair for everybody. 

Helane Morrison’s work at the Securities and Exchange Commission has established her credibility that she is fit to hold the position of chief compliance officer at a major financial firm such as Hall Capital Partners LLC. She has shown that she is not afraid of tackling suspected fraud and doing whatever it takes to ensure compliance with the rules and regulations in place for the markets. Mrs. Morrison is well versed in law, financial regulation, markets and has proven herself to be a trustworthy individual who can make big decisions when it matters. This is why Helane Morrison is one of the leading chief compliance officers in the country right now. Learn more about this fascinating businesswoman by connecting with her on LinkedIn or reading her Wikipedia page here >> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Helane_Morrison

New Mobile Phone Visitation App Released By Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies is proud to unveil its latest innovation in video visitation technology. The firm has developed, tested and launched its very own mobile inmate phone calls program that is currently available on the Apple Iphone, Ipad, Ipod touch and Android smartphone. Its program will be a major breakthrough that will change video visitation across the country. The Securus mobile app is currently available at the App Store and on Google Play. 

Securus’ very own mobile app will allow people to interact with family members, spouses and friends who are in prison through the comfort and convenience of a smartphone. The new app opens up a new window of inmate communication and interaction for those in prison and their families. For example, family members can now show incarcerated individuals major family events such as the birthday of a son or daughter, a sports practice, an anniversary or concert. Instead of having to log onto a computer, or go directly to a jail to visit people can now remotely interact with and show their incarcerated individual a glimpse of the outside world, that too many prisoners are denied. The new app should be especially beneficial for family members who have loved ones that are incarcerated in far off prisons. Securus Technologies is extremely optimistic about the future of remote visitation through its newly developed app.

Based in Dallas, Texas Securus Technologies is one of the world’s leading providers of monitoring, recording and video technologies to law enforcement agencies around the country. Its devices, programs and technologies can be found in thousands of police stations, prisons and correctional facilities. Surveillance cameras, video recording devices and data management systems are just some of the things that Securus develops for prisons and correctional institutions. First responders such as firemen and ambulance also utilize technologies by Securus that help pinpoint incident locations. 

Securus’ motto is connecting what matters, and its goal is to make our world a safer place to reside in. They achieve this by offering innovations such as developing new methods of communicating with inmates. Its goal of making the world a safer place involves creating information management systems and developing biometric analysis systems that help law enforcement identify and pin point potential criminals. Communication is vital among emergency response personnel and law enforcement, and Securus Technologies has numerous technologies available that helps emergency response teams and law enforcement coordinate action. For more information about what Securus can offer your law enforcement agency, talk to the customer service experts at Securus

Yeonmi Park: Courageous North Korean Defector

There are literally millions of individuals in the world today who live their day-to-day lives under the brutality and oppression of a communist regime. Many of these people simply throw up their hands and just suffer in silence, thinking that it is just their lot in life to suffer in this manner. However, a small percentage of these citizens choose to fight back in some way shape or form. Some risk the threat of life and limb in order to be dissidents. Some even attempt to overthrow the government. And still yet another small percentage of people decide to defect. Such is the story of Yeonmi Park, who made the courageous decision to defect from her native North Korean homeland. This is her story. Yeonmi Park’s story begins on March 31, 2007 when she began the harrowing journey to freedom with her mother by wading into the frozen Yalu River in the dead of night. Yeonmi knew nothing of freedom. It was a foreign concept to her, and she didn’t even know what the word mean. She did not realize that freedom was the utmost of happiness. For her, happiness was simply having enough food to eat. Park’s harrowing journey would take her across the scorching Gobi desert and she would even lose her own father because of the fact that he died of untreated cancer while attempting Park and her mother later on. Believe it or not though, that wasn’t even the worst part. During her grueling journey she was almost raped by a human trafficker and the only reason she was spared was because her mother offered herself in Yeonmi’s place. The defection of the Park family was one that was borne out of sheer desperation. North Korea is known as a total nightmare, and Park and her family are seeking to expose how the country truly is. Park tells The Guardian of the fact that literally “everything was edible” because there simply wasn’t any food. She also tells of the fact that it was commonplace to see dead bodies in the street and to witness public executions by firing squad. Thus, to say that Park of the youngvoicesadvocates and her family are proud to be in their new adopted country of the United States would be a massive understatement.

Retire In Style At The Manse On Marsh

When many people want to retire, they find it best to reduce expenses and help look for ways to make their lives as easy as possible. They may also find it necessary to consider the best possible way for them to get easy access to medical care at the same time. The right kind of assisted living facility can help anyone accomplish all of these planned goals in their life. An ideal assisted living facility will be one that will help any resident enjoy a great chance to live in a space that can let them spend their retirement in comfort and luxury.

Those who look for an assisted living facility in the central California city of San Luis Obispo that has what they want will find it at the Manse on Marsh. The Manse has been serving the needs of residents in the area for many years. During this time, staffers here have worked hard to help provide the kind of assistance that many residents need to function well as well as to be able to enjoy the company of their loved ones at the same time. Those who need serious care but still want to stay in a homey environment will find it here as will those who may only need some care during the day to help them function well.

Residents may enjoy all kinds of important activities that allow them to be independent including access to meals that are made on site and designed to help all residents enjoy food that is both tasty and also allows each resident to get he best possible nutrition for their needs. Each meal has multiple components and includes all kinds of fresh fruit and a varied menu that is based on local specialties that use regional seafood and other favorite California menu items. Meals are also made to order when necessary should residents need to have a special diet temporarily or in the long-term because of a chronic medical condition.

When living here, reviews say that each resident can also choose which particular living situation they find right for them. One person may only need to have a small room in the main facility that they can sleep in while doing other things during the day. Another person may want to have a larger cottage that allows them to entertain guests and family members as well as live with someone they love. A resident will find from testimonials that the Manse lets them live in a space that is airy and bright while also remaining an air of coziness at the same time. Each resident can work with staffers to find the right kind of living situation for their specific short-term and long-term needs.

Escalating Competition in the Dog Food Industry

Competition is not a foreign term in the world of business. With the coming up of new companies day and night, manufactures keep stepping up their game to remain afloat the market. The dog industry is not an exception. Numerous upcoming companies in this field are triggering innovations that seek to improve the quality of dog food produced. Kibble (blended with lamb and salmon) and organic grain-free foods have been being traditional dog food for many years. Today, companies are using more ingredients for delicacy. Traditional pet-food makers are improving the quality of their products in an effort to beat their competitors. Colgate-Palmolive now produces food that helps your dogs lose weight. Mars Petcare has been utilizing fresh cranberries and blueberries, which are harvested and frozen dry with the view to locking the nutrients. Nestle’s Purina has not been left behind. The company has a website where one is allowed to order personalized blends. Mars’ Cesar Home Delights are selling dog food with artificial colors and flavors using the tag, “he’ll have what you are having.” Big companies like Purina and Freshpet are fighting back with more innovations. PurinaStore bought Merrick Pet Care to tap into its back country line, after its introduction by the small company. On the other side, Freshpet is selling products in its own branded refrigerated display cases. Freshpet’s canned dog food smell like human food. This information was originally reported on DailyHerald as explained in the link below http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20151122/business/151129983/ Purina’s Beneful is a high quality dog food brand that is determined to fill your dog’s bowl with real healthy foods. Beneful is the convenient brand for your dogs as they are guaranteed real ingredients like vitamin-rich veggies and real meats, which come in different tastes, textures and packaging sizes. Beneful ranks highly when it comes to manufacture of wet dog food. Ingredients used in this category are wholesome with delicious flavors. Beneful wet dog food comes in twenty wholesome varieties that include proteins and different textures from thin to big chunks. Beneful Baked Delights comes in different varieties such as dog snacks stars, dog snacks hugs, dog snacks snackers and dog snacks quakers, which are made using ingredients like cheese, bacon, chicken, beef and peanut butter.

Unlimited Data Plans

With cell phones and technology taking over the world, it is no doubt that unlimited data plans will be back on the rise. AT&T is teaming up with DirecTV to do an unlimited data plan for cell phones, even if you have DirecTV or AT&T’s home-TV service. The unlimited data plan service would be better for a family that is always using their phones. As for those who are just two person or less, sticking with the limited data plan would be perfect. There are many service providers that stopped doing unlimited data plans, until recently because of the rise in customers wanting cellular phones. T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon are just to name a few.

FreedomPop, founded in Los Angeles, California, is a wireless internet and mobile phone provider that gives wireless data, voice and text services. Freedom Pop teamed up with Clearwire and Sprint’s network when they first started off. The founders, Stephen Stokols and Steven Sesar, started this company back in 2011. This service provider is quite an interesting one with it’s plans rising since the beginning and partnering with many different companies. Not only does FreedomPop have thousands of subscribers, they are such an affordable company! They have raised over millions of dollars through funding that helps keep the service going and it is just honestly such a great alternative for anyone looking for affordable, good reception cell phone services.

“Very valuable,” “Saves me lots of money,” “Service is great,” “Perfect for travel.” These are just a few kind words that reviewers are saying about this FreedomPop internet server. Over thousands of people are enjoying this service because it’s pricing is so great and it actually works! It’s saving a lot of people money that they would otherwise have to pay to another company for cellphone usages. Not only does the battery life last a very long time, but it is so easy to use! Imagine just carrying around a wifi network that you can easily hook up to your phone for little to no money a month? That just sounds like a really wonderful deal. The connection is wonderful, you can hear well and you don’t even need to worry about going out of town with it. Freedom Pop is surely a great company that will give you what you want for really nothing at all.

Review of FreedomPop:

George Soros Warns it’s a 2008 Financial Crisis All Over Again

Countless investors have respected George Soros for his investment knowledge for at least a few decades. Therefore, when he says that the current economy is echoing that of what preceded the 2008 recession, investors pay attention. After hearing Soros’ latest warnings, individuals and businesses are probably questioning what this means for them.
Mainstream forecasters are not yet declaring another recession. However, January 7, 2015 was the worst day for stock market investors in three months. As reported on this day, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted by more than 390 points, and the main economic dip seems to be occurring within Chinese trade markets. In fact, investors have made mention of economic turmoil in trading for the second time in a week in China.
The fact that China, the world’s second largest superpower, is suffering economically could be one of the reasons for Soros’ latest predictions about a repeat of 2008. However, some economists say it is too early to tell. At the same time, other economic problems suggest that there could be a recession on the horizon.
For instance, the manufacturing sector in the United States seems to be suffering. The current ISM indicator is about 48.2, which is about two points below the level it should be. This in and of itself does not indicate a recession, but if the ISM indicator drops below 45, this could be cause for concern. Furthermore, it is said that global trade is taking place at a slower rate than in the past.
George Soros focused specifically on China in some of his latest predictions, however. One of the hugest concerns right now is that this country’s debt-to-GDP ratio has risen by 50 percent in the past four years. How China handles their current economic issues could play a part in what happens in the rest of the world.
As far as the service industries are concerned, they seem to be more robust than the manufacturing sectors. According to recent ADP reports, the service industry ISM measured at a 55.3 in December. Furthermore, there is evidence of increasing employment within the service fields.
Although global economic growth seems sluggish, it does not seem likely that a recession will happen. However, certain triggers such as a possible war between Saudi Arabia and Iran could set the economy into a downward spiral. Only time will tell, and many people are currently keeping watch. George Soros provides his wisdom based on his four decades’ worth of investment and financial experience.



Sanjay Shah Launches Autism Rocks GoFundMe Campaign

In 2011, Sanjay Shah’s son, Nikhil, was diagnosed with Autism. Ever since then, it’s been something very close to his heart and he became passionate about trying to raise funds for more Autism research. Shah recently started a GoFundMe campaign in order to help raise more funds to put toward this research.

Source: India’s Long Journey To A Value Added Tax

Shah is a retired investment banker and broker. After leaving his job as an investment banker, he decided to start his own brokerage business. Five years later, Solo Capital had offices in Dubai and London and Shah was able to go into, what he calls, a semi-retirement and focus on what he really loved- philanthropy.

Shah has a passion for music and puts on concerts in order to raise money for Autism. He calls these concerts Autism Rocks, and has had world-class musicians perform at these events such as Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Blublè, and Drake. The funds that are raised during these concerts goes to the Autism Research Trust (ART) and the Autism Research Centre (ARC). The Autism Research Centre is located at Cambridge University in London and they focus on what causes autism and how it affects those with the condition.

While Shah believes in the benefits of centers that help families with Autistic children, he feels that not enough money is being put into the research side of Autism so he is focusing his efforts there. He cares about discovering ways to identify kids with Autism earlier since early therapy is very beneficial to children’s development. When he discovered that his son had Autism, he was able to act immediately and get him the therapy that he needed. Shah wants all families to be able to do the same.

Through the Autism Rocks GoFundMe campaign, he hopes to fund more research that will reveal ways to assist people with Autism throughout their lives. Sanjay Shah says that he doesn’t want to change anything about his son. He simply wants families to understand Autism better and be able to improve the lives of those they love.

Human Rights Foundation reaches out to famous rapper

All money isn’t good money. This is what we can learn from The Human Rights Foundation. This particular foundation has written an open letter to Hip Hop star Nicki Minaj, asking her refrain from performing in a particular country.

The Human Rights Foundation is a group that is dedicated to standing up and defending the rights of humans all around the world. A scheduled concert has caused them to reach out to Nicki Minaj. Nicki Minaj is scheduled to perform a concert in Angola, Africa. The young star has already arrived in Angola with a group of her friends. Minaj has even posted a picture on social media showing her and her friends walking out of a jet in Angola, Africa.

The Human Rights Foundation is not against Angola, Africa but they have strong feelings against the company that will be paying the rapper for her performance. The festival that Minaj will be performing at is sponsored by Unitel. The Human Rights Foundation has revealed that Unitel is a company that is connected and controlled by the family of a dictator. Angolan President Jose’ Eduardo dos Santos has been labeled a dictator by the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Organization.

In the open letter the Human Rights Foundation make known that if she goes through with the concert and is paid then she would be receiving funds from a government that is corrupt and does not value the rights of humans. They also utilize the letter to share with Minaj, what acts the family has been accused of. Such acts include exploiting the Angola’s diamond and oil supply for their own financial gain as well as controlling various branches of the government.

Though the open letter was written to Nicki and provided much detail about who the festival is sponsored by, the performer is still scheduled to perform.

Thanks to founder Thor Halvorssen, the Human rights foundation is able to educate individuals and take a stand against inhumane conditions. Thor founded the organization in 2005 to fight and advocate for human rights. Though, the organization is barely ten years old Thor has been advocating for human rights since 1989.

His past work includes fighting against the South African apartheid and making films. His dedication to human rights has led him to various positions including being founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum and patron of a children’s peace movement. Thor Halvorssen continues to show the world that he believes in human rights and that he will fight for them.

Healthy Foods For Healthy Pets

Dog food companies are working with an “Eat as good as your Human” type of marketing program on Facebook. This program is doing very well. companies that are advertising food such as this is experiencing a great increase in sales and insight. Blue Buffalo is one of the companies that are increasing their sales by showing the history of dogs and wolves. The dogs that eat the pure meats and meat products are going back to the diets of their ancestors. This is appealing to most pet owners. These pet owners want their pets to be healthy and full of life. Dogs that are full of life are dogs that eat healthily. Purina is working to create their best in the dog food Beneful. Beneful is already providing the best quality in food for dogs. Puppies that start with food such as Beneful are healthier and have a more beautiful coat than dogs that are eating cheap pet foods. Beneful dog food and treats are making a big comeback since people are beginning to learn how healthy it is. Giving your dog Beneful is a smart choice for your pet. Beneful has the ingredients that wolves would also enjoy. Just like Blue Buffalo, Beneful is trying to reach all of the pet owners that want their dogs to be playful and energetic. Just like humans need to eat more fish, dog food producers are beginning to include more fish like salmon and trout into the foods. Fish has good qualities that are great for the fur or skin of your pets. Most every dog and cat loves to eat fish and skin on fish. Being good to your pet is the right thing to do. This makes sure to keep your pet healthy and in the right weight for their size dog. Dog food producers are making sure to keep dogs and cats healthier by providing food that is key for older dogs. These foods are going to have less calories with good portions of protein and vitamins for a healthy pet. Do not risk your pet’s health, get peace of mind with a good healthy food made of organic ingredients.