Brazilian Banker and Investment Export Igor Cornelsen Gives Tips On How To Successfully Invest In Brazil

Brazil has received a lot of attention thanks to the World Cup and the Summer Olympic Games. These events have impacted the Brazilian economy. President Dilma Rousset has talked about changing directions, however there is increasing concern that she will continue to maintain her populist policies, despite the fact that there has not been a lot of economic growth on The economic matrix has disappointed investors. Despite the setback, Brazil still has a great economy, thanks to its natural resources, growing middle class, and agriculture.

Recently appointed Finance Minister Joaquin Levy is said to have the necessary reforms to help the economy improve on LinkedIn. Investors are curious to see how the Petrobras situation will be handled. Regardless of what is going on, Brazil is still seen as an attractive country to investors because of its large population and infrastructure development.

Igor Cornelsen, a famous Brazilian banker and investment export has 3 tips that every investor should consider before investing in Brazil. Igor Cornelsen is excited by the potential in Brazil, and these tips will help you successfully invest in the market.

Be Aware Of Potential Loses

Potential investors have to be prepared to deal with lots of market regulations. The Brazilian market has restrictive labor issues, high taxes, and a complexity that can be difficult to manage. Igor Cornelsen advises potential investors that while it will take time to learn how the fragile Brazil market works, the rewards are worth it.

Establish A Connection With The Natives

During the initial investment stages, investors should rely on networking and building relationships. Igor Cornelsen points out that due to the high volume of entrepreneurs in Brazil, networking should be easy. Most of the people are friendly and eager to give out advice.

Learn About Foreign Currency Restrictions

Foreign currency transactions can only be controlled through authorized financial institutions at The bank must be authorized to deal in foreign exchange to hold local currency if you are not a resident of Brazil. The transaction determines the single exchange rate. Use the right rate for the right transaction, and if you have questions, contact the Brazil Central Bank.

The Real Estate Firm, Boraie Development and Its Vice President, Sam Boraie Making Headlines

Sam Boraie is the son of the real estate mogul, Omar Boraie. The Boraie’s are very popular in New Jersey. In the 1960s, New Brunswick became a hub for selling drugs; as a result, many people moved to the suburbs. But for the patriarch Omar Boraie, this was an opportunity to invest in real estate. In case you didn’t know, he was among the first people to purchase property in the crime-infested downtown region of New Brunswick.

He established Boraie Development to help in revitalizing the city. Boraie Development is a New Jersey-based company that offers a broad range of services focusing on all aspects of the urban real estate sector including property management, development, and sales and marketing. According to Rutgers magazine, the firm under Sam’s leadership offers clients unrivaled services; their outstanding properties say it all.

Boraie Development has made a name for itself among the most sought New Jersey developers. With a 30-year track record in development, the company aims at creating outstanding properties that attract tenants as well as investors.

The company’s projects

Since its inception, the organization has completed numerous projects. Also, it has several projects that are underway.

Completed projects

The Aspire – This 238-unit high-rise complex boasts of luxury featuring amenities such as a 24-hour fitness center with the latest equipment, rooftops decks with grills, and an indoor entertainment area which includes large screen TV’s, a pool table a catering kitchen, and an outdoor terrace. This project was made possible thanks to the collaboration between Boraie Development and the New Jersey Economic Development Authority.

One Spring Street – This was the first major residential project in New Brunswick. It is a 25-story, mixed used space of 400,000 square feet that features a roof deck health club, and other amenities.

The Beach at South Inlet – This five-story, mixed use complex has 250 apartment units. It features privatized parking, outdoor communal spaces, a community pool, and retail shopping venues.

Albany St. Plaza – This project in the downtown area features 250,000 sq ft of office space and 20,000 sq ft of retail space.

Ongoing projects

Apart from the completed projects, the company is also undertaking other impressive projects. Some of them include The Rector (a 26-story building with residential units), The Estates at Waverly Place (the project will result in seven custom homes once completed).

Sam Boraie’s community involvement

For several years Sam Boraie has taken part in rebuilding New Brunswick’s property market. He heads the company’s business development division. Sam has spearheaded numerous acquisitions which have made the firm more vibrant. He has used his exceptional marketing skills to sell most of the firm’s projects.

Besides his corporate duties, he is also a known philanthropist who supports charitable initiatives. He donates to the State Theatre of New Jersey and Elijah’s Promise.


Confidence of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is the chief provider of criminal and civil justice technology solutions for investigation, corrections, public safety and monitoring. They recently announced that they had offered a challenge to GTL since they are their main competitor. The challenge is that they should have an unbiased technology judge to determine who has the best and largest product set, an up to date and sophisticated calling platform, the most expensive and capital efficient platform and the most appreciated customer service.


Richard, the Chief Executive Officer and president of Securus Technologies, said that GTL had manipulated their facts by claiming that their customer service and technology are comparable to theirs. This is not a fair comparison since Securus has been investing heavily in the industry for the past four years. Richard continued that they have invested in excess of seven hundred million dollars into their business by acquiring technologies, companies and development of products. They have also developed a one of a kind United States Customer Service Center and a Technology Center in which GTL has done none.


He explained that they are familiar with the GTL’s technology platforms since they used to use that less efficient, older, primarily premise based systems, less feature-rich and not fully centralized storage and processing systems.


After comparing the two platforms, Securus concluded that;

  • They possess a bigger product set for the correction facilities.
  • They possess company trained technicians while GTL usually hires contractors.
  • They have a domestic-based call center that is occupied by only Securus employees.
  • All customers that have defected from GTL to Securus have admitted that they have a better technology and customer rating.


Securus have constantly shown a win/loss ratio of positive four dollars for the past five years while GTL has only positive one dollar. It is clear that GTL has no chance in engaging the challenge hence their best option is to back off and stay in their lane.

Is There A Way To Naturally Brightening The Skin?

Skincare is a major function for just about any logical minded person. Having the best possible skin health should always be a goal, but many of today’s products work against these efforts especially if you’re a person of color. These people are truly the most diverse group of individuals in the world as their skin complexions can range from a tan shade of brown all the way to the darkest of hue. Unfortunately the skincare industry doesn’t have enough high quality products that produces great results.

The downside is that the brands that are out there are use high amounts of chemicals, which gives the skin an unnatural appearance. Luckily there’s Makari de Suisse and it’s setting the world ablaze with it’s revolutionary skin lightening products. People of Color tend to suffer from uneven skin tone, discoloration, stretch marks, age spots, as well as dark spots. Makari heals the skin by nourishing it with hydration.

These products are high quality and comes in the form of serums, soaps, lotion, and capsules. The ingredients are basically plant based, which comes from an organic source and this is why sits proudly at the top.


The Financial Career of Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar has served as the CEO and Chairman of Trucept Inc. which was formerly referred to as Smart-Tek Solutions, Inc. since March 2010. He worked as the Chief Financial Officer, Secretary, and Treasury of the company. Brian also works as the principal Accounting Officer.

According to Crunchbase, Brian Bonar worked at Tradeshow Products, Inc. where he served as the President since March 2008. Brian has acquired lots of skills and experience having worked in the financial sector for more than 30 years.

Brian is the CEO of Dalrada Financial Group. He won the Executive of the Year in Finance in 2010 in the annual list of Cambridge who is who. This was based on Brian’s professional achievements, leadership skills, and academic accomplishments. Dalrada Financial has created an impressive legacy when it comes to the field of finance under the leadership of Brian Bonar.

Brian has an undergraduate degree which he earned from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. He also holds a postgraduate degree and doctorate which he got from Stafford University, UK. Brian worked at Technology Sales where he served as the Director from 1992 to 1994.

His hardwork saw him get promotions from one level to another. Brian was promoted to the position of Vice President, Sales, and Marketing at Dalrada in 1994. He went on to hold this position for several months before being appointed as the Executive Vice President. He became the CEO of Dalrada Financial in the year 1998 and went on to be the chairman of the Board in 1999.

The financial expert from Scotland has been able to work in several different institutions in the course of his career. Brian Bonar serves as the CEO and CFO of Amanda Co. Inc. Brian served as the Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing at Benzier Systems in 1991.

He also worked as the Worldwide Sales Manager at Adaptech. Some of the other Companies that Brian Bonar has served in various capacities include QMS, Inc, Rastek Corporation, Greenland Corp, Allegiant Professional Business Services Inc, and the Solvis Group, Inc.

Brian Bonar has invested in grand Cuisine at Bellamy. Brian plans to build a restaurant mini-empire in North County. He decided to hire Mike Reidy to be the Executive Chef. The Ranch at Bandy Canyon is the bigger part of the restaurant mini-empire that Bonar plans to build.

Brian Bonar is an entrepreneur. He has been able to acquire a reputation all over the world as a hard working, committed, and reliable financial expert.

Brian has more than 20 years when it comes to high-growth private and public companies in different locations in the United Kingdom and the USA. He has acquired more than 18 years worth of experience with IBM in Asia, Europe, and the USA.

Chris Burch Has A Eye for Fashion

The fashion industry is one of the most competitive industries in the business world. There are many companies in the fashion industry, but only a few are considered top companies. One of the main differences between the top companies and the other companies in the fashion industry is the ability to establish trends and start trends.


There are many companies in the fashion industry that are able to recognize trends and follow trends. However, the really successfully companies in the fashion industry must be able to do more than follow trends. The truly successful companies in the fashion industry are the companies that make the trends and all the other companies try to follow those trends.


Regarding trends, one of the trends that has been occurring in the fashion industry over the past decade is the use of technology in fashion designs. The use of technology in fashion designs has been used more and more by fashion companies in recent years. One of the reasons why technology is used with fashion designs is because of the popularity of technology. The use of technology innovations in the past decade has been enormous. Technology devices that are relatively small yet powerful have been coming on the market consistently.


These devices are great for accessories concerning fashion designs. In addition, the popularity of the technology innovations work well for both the fashion and technology industries. Millions of people are familiar with the technology innovations that are being used with fashion designs, so the designs combined with the technology make a great look and conversation mix.


A business executive who knows a lot about the fashion world is Chris Burch. The owner of many successful companies. Chris Burch has ran successful companies in the fashion industry. He understands the inner workings of the fashion industry and what it takes to be successful in the fashion industry. Beyond the fashion industry, Chris Burch has ran many other successful companies including companies in the technology industry.


Chris Burch has a unique perspective on what it takes to be successful in the fashion and technology industries because the has ran successful companies in both industries. This unique perspective allows him to see the blending of fashion and technology in a view that most people cannot understand. Chris Burch has accomplished a lot in his professional career. His combination of business vision and business savvy have helped him to earn an outstanding reputation in the business world.

ReviewPro Extends Its Partnership With GLH And Everyone’s Happy About It

GLH Hotels recently made the decision to extend its partnership with ReviewPro after a four-year relationship. ReviewPro is expanding its collaboration with London’s largest owner-operator hotel company, with the aim of delivering the hotel company unparalleled guest-centered experiences.

GLH Hotels has had a partnership with ReviewPro’s Online Reputation Management services for 4 years now. They decided on this partnership after seeing ReviewPro’s demonstration of their Guest Intelligence Suite. This service includes guest satisfaction surveys, which GLH Hotels discovered offered the clients of ReviewPro insight on how to make service improvements that would drive higher guest satisfaction.

After ReviewPro provided GLH Hotels with their demonstration, GLH made the decision to replace their surveys provider, knowing that they could receive all guest feedback from one platform with the services of ReviewPro.

The goal of the GLH team is to provide their guests complete happiness, which is easily reflected by their customers through their feedback. Since they have implemented to new survey system, GLH has gathered over 250 staff mentions. Through this feedback, more employees find more motivation to take extra steps to exceed every guest’s expectations.

Also, as a result from the new survey system, GLH received a very important sales lead. Some guests reported that they were using the hotel during business travels, resulting in corporate accounts being set up for them.

CEO of ReviewPro, RJ Friedlander, is extremely happy that GLH Hotels made the decision to expand their partnership. Moving from just using their Online Reputation product to using their entire Guest Intelligence Service will help GLH get the most out of ReviewPro. Friedlander is excited that GLH now has a customizable platform at their disposal that will bring them better performance, resulting in the identification of issues, and the improvement of guest satisfaction.

Nadine Lee, who is the Value Centre Implementation Manager at GLH Hotels, is also excited about the prospect of using ReviewPro’s complete package. This new survey system is easy to use and can be customized to suit GLH’s needs. GLH is enjoying the added bonus of ReviewPro’s on-site training of the system, one of the key factors in their decision to choose to add their guest satisfaction surveys.


Changing Hair With Wen

When it comes to hair care, there are countless products out there to choose from. There are shampoos for all hair types, and there are conditioners to match. Not all of these products on Twitter are good for your hair. Some work against the natural makeup of your hair and can cause damage. Chaz Dean wanted to change all of that.

Chaz Dean is a celebrity stylist with a long list of A-list clientele. He went to cosmetology school and began work in a hair salon. While there, he helped another company develop a line of haircare products on This gave him the idea to create his own haircare line. The idea for Wen by Chaz was born.

WEN Hair by Chaz features a cleansing conditioner as the main haircare product. The cleansing conditioner replaces five products the average person uses. Those products are a shampoo, conditioner, a leave-in conditioner, a detangler, and a deep conditioner. With having all of these products in one, using the cleaning conditioner can be cost effective.

All of the products that are used in WEN Hair by Chaz are natural and will not strip the hair of its natural oils. Because of this, the hair will look and feel healthier after each use. A natural shine will return to the hair, and its volume will increase. The products on in Wen by Chaz will help bring hair back to its natural form and will not work against it.

The cleansing conditioner at can be used on all hair types. There will be no more struggle to find the right shampoo and conditioner to make a certain hair type. Wen by Chaz was specifically designed to work on all hair types, and each person will have the same beautiful result.

WEN Hair by Chaz is a newer product on the market on, and many people are raving about the results they are seeing. Having everything all wrapped up in one bottle makes it very easy to use. Chaz Dean set out to create a great product that will transform the hair in a positive way. With Wen by Chaz, more and more people are seeing that result and they are loving their hair.

Handy Co-Founders Implement their New Plan

One of the co-CEOs of Handy Cleaning Services, Oisin Hanrahan said that he was living in fear because of some decisions made early this year. The leaders of the company would meet every Tuesday at the institution’s headquarters that are found in New York City. During these weekly meetings, the dedicated team of leaders and founders of the cleaning company would focus on the power point presentation that was showing the strategies used by the company. However, this strategy was starting to backfire, and everyone in the organization, including the investors, was blaming Hanrahan. Hanrahan had introduced this plan to the organization, and this is why he has being blamed for company problems. has been experiencing some challenges concerning its plans to introduce new cleaners into the organization. Earlier in the year, Hanrahan in his position as the chief executive officer of the company had advocated for the change. His main plan was to start a robust online onboarding process. This great plan would be implemented in the countries where the cleaning company had already established itself.

The other co-founder of the organization, known as Umang Dua had not agreed to the idea when it was mentioned to the organization in 2014. Umang Dua said that he was concerned about the issue that some of the qualified professionals who were interested in working in the organization would not complete the application process without getting human assistance. However, after a lot of consultation, the two leaders decided to test the plan and see how it works. The program was introduced in Miami and Washington DC in 2015.

Handy is a cleaning company that is headquartered in the United States. Since it was established two years ago, the cleaning company has transformed the lives of many people in different parts of the country. Handy has also opened branches in other regions of the world.


Lime Crime is Full Of Color

Lime Crime has a vast palette of all types of vibrant makeup. Created by Doe Deere in the age of the natural neutral, this company was a refreshing taste of the unique and colorful. It turns out that Doe Deere had her vision of a future makeup company at just the right time in history.

Lime Crime is known for its matte velveteen lipsticks in all sorts of shades, from deepest reds to sparkly blues. There are also palettes for help with keeping things compact when you are on the go. The palettes also help with keeping color flow going for the novice makeup user as well as the more experienced one.

A big plus with the makeup is that it can also be bought in bundles. This helps give the customer a tremendous savings while also letting them get a variety of colors. There are bundles in all types of makeup, such as the lipsticks, eye shadows, full palettes, etc.

Another seller is the killer pics of the makeup that are exquisitely presented on the website. The makeup images in larger than life colors are truly beautiful.

It isn’t too hard for anyone to find something that will appeal to them. The company has a huge variety of makeup for every taste and style and for any occasion.

The fact that any of the make up can be bought online is especially convenient as well. Recently Doe Deere signed up with some brick and mortar companies to sell her product in stores.

This makes it more convenient for the types of customers that prefer not to buy online. While that by far isn’t the majority of her clients, it still is a few and selling in stores allows her to tap into that market as well. The major company she is partnered with is Urban Outfitters.