Brad Reifler’s Best Advise for Investors

Not long ago Brad Reifler, a founder of Forefront Capital, has given some timeless advice to investors that was published in a Reuter’s article. The advise of composed of just a few major points.

One of the most important ones is diversification. By not putting all the capital in the stock market, the investors risk less since some other assets aren’t highly correlated with stocks.

The examples include precious metals, fixed income, and real estate. Additional diversification can also be done within asset classes. For instance, rather than investing in one or two stocks, invest in ten, preferably in different industries and countries. Remember, your first aim is to protect your capital. No capital means no possibility to earn returns.

Diversification alone doesn’t guarantee success. Brad Reifler also pointed out that it’s necessary to carefully look into investments prior to investing. So, don’t pull the trigger too quickly.

Another good point made applies to those individuals who use others to invest money for them. Brad said on Twitter that these can be financial advisors or even mutual fund mangers. Looking at their reputation, performance, and fees is much needed in order to avoid disappointments down the road.

Finally, you should know why you’re investing. By knowing so, you’ll be able to determine the time horizon as well as amount needed for reaching your goals. For example, if you’re 25 and investing for retirement, then your time horizon is 45 years.

Previously, Wikipedia makes evident Brad Reifler was a top trader at Refco. He has also founded and ran Pali Capital. Now, he’s heading Forefront Capital, a global financial services firm.  Yahoo Finance has written about what Brad Reifler and Forefront Capital want before, and they continue to progress towards the future.

PCOS, Losing Weight and Nutrimost

There are many different medical issues out there according to a recent study made by State College Nutrimost, but PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) is one that is very common among many women. It’s a hormonal imbalance that causes a large number of health issues, including heart attacks, difficulty conceiving, and diabetes. Many of these problems can be helped by losing weight, but weight loss with PCOS can be so difficult that it’s almost next to impossible.
NutriMost, however, can help. Nutrimost isn’t like any other weight loss problem. It uses a revolutionary technology in order to make a custom weight loss program for every client who uses it. This ensures that no matter what type of medical condition you have, whether it’s PCOS, diabetes, or any other type of medical condition that makes it difficult to lose weight, you will be able to get a customized weight loss program that helps you to drop the pounds.

Wood TV claims that the best thing about Nutrimost is that not only does it allow someone to lose weight, even if you have health issues, it also helps you to keep the weight off. Some women with PCOS discover that they can lose weight, but as soon as they try to live their lives normally again they find that the weight just piles back on. Nutrimost ( is designed to help you keep the weight off, which then allows for you to enjoy a longer life as well.

Thor Halvorssen describes Democratic Socialism

A recent interview hosted by Fox News shows Thor Halvorssen analyzing his personal views on the shortcomings of Democratic Socialism that has been a political agenda for potential democratic nominee Bernie Sanders. In the interview, Halvorssen is the founder of the human rights foundation who explains that socialism is a violation of basic human rights, particularly when it is under an authoritative government because of its ability to mask helping people and in return loot personal property. He finds that socialism does not hold a universal definition, but that there is a fine line between having socialist policies and socialist government, which can lead to confusion between Marxism and Communism governments.


What was most surprising is that despite Halvorssen’s perceived negative take on socialism policies and forms of government, he acknowledge that he has pledged support for the nominee Bernie Sanders. His motivations behind this he explains were concern over democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton’s practice of taking money from some strong dictatorship based governments. Thor Halvorssen left viewers with a sense that a redistribution of wealth is a poor method towards ending poverty, and that the solution to ending poverty is creating more wealth. However, Halvorssen ( strongly believes that a dictatorship is worse than a democratic socialist candidate is which is why he believes Clinton has a conflict of interest.


Bernie Sanders has been labeled by many as a democratic socialist, which is appealing to many demographics, but has left large concern to the Republican Party about the direction of the country if Sanders were to take office and implement some of his proposed policies. Nevertheless, Clinton has been the overwhelming front-runner over Sanders since the democratic primary and caucuses have begun.


Igor Cornelsen Helps Investors Make Money In Brazil

Wen it comes to investing in Brazil, few people if any can match the success of Igor Cornelsen. Cornelsen is a legend in Brazil. Not only has he made an incredible amount of money on his Brazilian investments, he has helped countless others to do the same. Cornelsen is able to do this because of his unique experience in the country. Before he became an investment advisor, Igor Cornelsen was a well-respect, highly placed executive in many of Brazil’s largest, best-known, and most successful banks and businesses. This has given him unique insight into the way the Brazilian economy and stock markets work.

Igor Cornelsen has shared on the PR Newswire two basic principles he uses to make money investing in Brazil. Invest for the long term and diversify your investments. These two guiding principle have helped to make Cornelsen and the investors that follow his advice very wealthy. Many investors see the potential in brazil, rush in, and try to make money in a hurry. According to Cornelsen, that’s a recipe for failure. Cornelsen advises his clients to invest in companies that will position them to make money consistently over a long period of time.

Making small investments in a wide range of companies is another method that has made Igor Cornelsen and the people he advises rich. The Brazilian market is subject to fits and starts. Some companies which seem to be a sure thing can see their stock plummet overnight. Cornelen understands this and shows investors several companies in which they should make investments. Collectively these companies are able to make money in Brazil’s volatile market over time. Cornelsen is also able to identify good companies with low stock prices that deliver excellent returns in the long run. It is this type of investment strategy that has enabled him to become one of Brazil’s most successful investors.

Investing in Brazil can be challenging. The country’s laws governing investment, particularly by foreigners, can be complex and difficult to understand. Making money in spite of them requires a clear understanding of how to work around them and find opportunities. It often requires finding local banks and other institutions that can help with foreign exchange. Igor Cornelsen has worked in many of these institutions and is able to show investors the right ones with which to work. This type of guidance can make all the difference in the world for investors that are new to Brazil.

These days Igor Cornelsen spends much of his time playing golf in South Florida and enjoying time with his family. He also runs Bainbridge Investments Incorporated. Through this company he continues to guide small groups of investors and provides them with advice and the keys to making money in Brazil.

QNet Launches Helpful Philanthropic Endeavors


The direct selling giant QNet is quickly building up its name thanks to the amazing philanthropic causes the entity has become involved. In many parts of the world, QNet is working to provide access to better drinking water. Recently, the company has worked with partners to facilitate improved water storage facilities at Government Primary School Hyderabad in India. Hundreds of students may end up benefiting tremendously from the tireless work of Qnet’s philanthropic arm. Of course, the enterprise’s philanthropy is a direct result of its success in business.

QNet has a strong presence in many countries throughout the world. The direct selling company has come with a number of outstanding items that seem to sell sell well. “Seem” is an unfair description. There are 25 offices managed by QNet around the world and 100 countries are home to various QNet direct sellers. India, in particular, is a region in which QNet has been strongly establishing many business endeavors.

The solid presence in India has contributed to QNet’s ability to increase its extremely helpful philanthropic endeavors. India has seen some of its regions suffer from a variety of natural disasters. Flooding in certain areas, for example, has displaced many families and cost people their homes. QNet’s partnership with the film industry works on addressing such a horrible situation.

And then there is the work of QNet and its partner Lions Clubs. These two have come together to help a rural hospital in dire need of a kidney dialysis machine. QNet does take its corporate social responsibility program very seriously as evidenced by the tremendous amount of work the company does. QNet does believe in giving back. The company has made it a point to repeatedly make note of its desire to help. More importantly, QNet is extremely proactive with doing what is required to help those in need. A lot of deserved positive press has resulted from this.

Planned Parenthood and the ACLU Sue Indiana Over Abortion Law

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and Planned Parenthood have recently filed suit against the state of Indiana for its newly enacted abortion law. The law prohibits abortions done due to genetic aberration. The lawsuit says the law violates the constitutional rights of women seeking abortions.

The lawyers for the organizations are hoping for an injunction that would keep the law from going into effect on July 1st. The Indiana law follows a similar law in North Dakota that prohibits similarly controversial abortions. Indiana governor Mike Pence has faced criticism that the law he recently signed amounts to an attack on women. In a public statement, Mike Pence’s press secretary reaffirmed the governor’s decision indicating the governor was resolute that the law is, in fact, constitutional.

Planned Parenthood contends that the bill is also an affront on patient privacy. The law would require that physicians report fetal aberrations that are present prior to an abortion. Planned Parenthood claims this puts doctors at risks in their careers. Planned Parenthood is also fighting the law’s requirement that fetuses be buried or cremated, citing it would cost too much and is not in keeping with how medical waste is usually disposed of.

Anti-abortion group, Indiana Right to Life, has accused Planned Parenthood of opposing the laws for primarily financial reasons. They claim the abortion provider is just looking to protect its business interests. Indiana Right to Life has publicly supported the bill and praised Mike Pence for signing the recent bill into law. The case will go in front of Judge Tanya Pratt, who ruled five years ago against a law that would have prevented abortion providers from receiving government financing.

Sam Tabar is a notable attorney and financial strategist based in New York City. Sam started his career as an Associate at Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. He then moved into the field of business and capital management. He later served as Managing Director and Head of Business Development at SPARX Group Co./PMA Investment Advisors. Sam then joined Bank of America’s Asia/Pacific division as Head of Capital Management.

Today Sam Tabar works in investment management at Awearable Apparel and FullCycleFund. Since graduating from Columbia University, Sam has carved an impressive path for himself to become a leading expert in investment strategies. His interests include event hosting and and travel.  Follow Sam on Twitter, otherwise it’s worth taking note of Mr. Tabar’s philanthropic endeavors with AWI.

Why more people prefer athleisure over traditional dresses

Athleisure attire like in Fabletics has been trending recently as more and more people prefer the sporty leggings which allow you to be more active than the traditional dresses. In the past they were seen as workout attire but now they are accepted almost anywhere else. They are casual and you are more comfortable in them. What’s advantageous about them on Twitter is that the tights can be worn by the ladies on a night out in place of the traditional little black dresses.

There are a few reasons why athleisure attire has become so fashionable;
¥ You can hang out with them – on an evening out high heels may get uncomfortable. With them you feel easy and you’ll have more fun when it comes to dancing.
¥ For the weekend – you may be thinking of going out with your family members or friends. You should replace the usual jeans with leggings and a tailored top with a hoodie. A pair of sneakers will complete the puzzle.
¥ For workouts and running errands – athleisure attire were originally made for sporting purposes. With athleisure you do not need to go to the gym. With the tights you can go jogging and do some exercises everyday and keep healthy and fit. More details can be found at

One of the companies that specialize in athleisure is Fabletics on corp.justfab. Kate Hudson teamed up with Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler to form the company in 2013. Their mission on Fabletics is to create attire that is comfortable and you are comfortable being active in it. The prices for their clothes are affordable.

You can shop online on their website on or check the following store locations; Bridgewater NJ (Bridgewater Commons), Cincinnati (Kenwood Centre), Columbia, MD (The mall in Columbia), Newark, DE (Christina Mall), St. Louis, MO (St. Louis Galleria) and Woodland hills, CA (the village at Topanga). Fabletics’ VIP membership program, you may get items at half the price and free items when you earn points. You may choose to shop or skip by the 5th of each month and you will not be charged. Failure to skip will get you charged $49.95 on 6th, unless you cancel. You will be free to cancel your VIP membership anytime by contacting the Member Services Team (1-844-322-5384). For more information check

One Bustle Writer Use Wen By Chaz Shampoo In Her Own Article has no problem trying products, but having a writer take the readers into her shower is a completely different thing that people are not used to. The writer who took people into her bathroom tried WEN hair for the first time even though she had heard of it a million times.

The Wen hair by Chaz Dean shampoo is going to help people who have fine hair, and she was wondering if it was going to be able to stop her hair from shedding in the shower. Anyone who is used to having a ton of hair on the bottom of the shower is going to notice that they can make a change when they use Sephora’s fig conditioner.

There is a lot less of this shampoo needed, and the writer even takes a picture of how much she used. She used practically no shampoo at all, and she is someone who is used to use so much shampoo that she thought the WEN Hair shampoo would not work at all. She got to washing her hair, and she jumped out of the shower to show a picture of her wet hair. She took a picture of the inside of her shower, and she was happy to see that there was no hair in the bottom of the shower.

The bottom line is that Wen hair can help anyone who has thin hair. This poor woman had gone through every kind of shampoo that anyone could think of, and she finally landed on something that was worth using. Wen by Chaz stopped her shedding, and she looks great in the last picture. She has a really good head of hair that does not look like it is thinning, and she finally gets some of the volume she has wanted.




US Money Reserve Holds The Client Connect Advantage

US Money Reserve has been amongst PR Newswire’s top most dominants in the market of precious metals. It has continued to promote its dominance by making sure that clients can get one-on-one consultation services and all assistance they need in buying of precious metals. To US Money Reserve the most precious thing apart from precious metals is appreciating customers and giving top notch customer services. The firm has been giving customers access to information not only through online networks but also its availability in phone communication. Us Money Reserve has also developed a Facebook website where all information can be obtained about cost variability and the need to own precious metals as assets.
What makes US Money Reserve special is that it receives coins from the government and has a preferable return policy for all its customers. The company also has a variety of precious metals that are guaranteed original especially from the connection with the United States government. The corporate firm also trades globally in all areas and continents including Africa, Asia and Europe. It is also under the management of the former United States Mint Director Philip N Diehl. His experience with bullion coins makes him the perfect person to hold the position; he has created an online market domain for US Money Reserve opening it to all interested customers globally. Us Money Reserve has a lot to offer, and one can learn more if they and too.

With offices in Austin Texas, US Money Reserve was founded in 2001; it has since then grown to be one of the largest private distributors of gold, silver, and platinum products. All the precious products distributed by US Money Reserve are us government issued and are sold on goldnewsnetwork. The company has experts in precious metals investments, and they create profits for all the customers and ensure that they create long-term relationships with their customers. Their customer services are the best nationwide and more than 300,000 customers have been served by them after being satisfied with the services.
US Money Reserve has among its employee’s market experts, and they provide exceptional gold coins in the market. Compared to other precious metal sellers in the world especially Arab traders us money reserve has proven to offer the best quality and original gold coins. and get the best deals and information about precious metals. Us Money Reserve assures that investing in precious metals never goes wrong.

Jon Urbana Wows the Crowd at SXSW 2016

Jon Urbana is not only a former professional Lacrosse player for the Villanova team but also a business-minded character who has managed to develop his form of business venture. He organizes the Next Level Lacrosse Camps, which are held annually in Colorado in a bid to train and educate young or youthful players in the game of lacrosse. He also co-founded Ellipse USA, which is an entity that focuses on medical devices utilized for laser solutions as well as aesthetic IPL. However, Urbana’s talents do not end at this point and many of the attendees at SXSW came away very impressed with the work Urbana’s doing in 2016. He boasts of other skills, knowledge, achievements, and interests in other fields as follows.

The Charity Works of Jon Urbana

Jon Urbana launched a new GoFundMe campaign on behalf of Earth Force, which is a local NGO. The aim of the GoFundMe campaign is to encourage the youth to be active participants in efforts to boost the condition of their surroundings. Consequently, the Earth Force campaign by Jon Urbana is geared towards raising a target of $1750.

Social Media Presence

Urbana maintains a strong social media presence in various sites where he utilizes them to communicate diverse messages to the public or his followers. For instance on February 2, 2016, Urbana informed individuals in the Denver area of the registration opening for Urbana’s 2016 Next Level Lacrosse Camp on his official Facebook account. Further, he uploads pictures of various lacrosse players on the field as well as nature pictures.

Photography Interest

His many interests also include capturing views of nature as well as vital moments. Through his WordPress blog, he has managed to show case a variety of pictures, for instance, the flash splash experiment. The experiment photograph appeared in a post titled Fake Wine. The image reveals the artistic talent of Jon Urbana.

Musical Talent

Urbana is also gifted in music. He produces his music through the Ableton software. He enjoys sharing his music and that of other musicians with his followers. Compositions by Urbana can easily be accessed by through his SoundCloud page

Flying Career

The Federal Aviation Administration recognized Urbana by including his name into its Airmen Certification Database. To be included in the database individuals must meet certain standards such as flight hours, plenty of videos, and medical training.