Yeonmi Park Harrowing Freedom Story

Life events may turn and twist the hope of a person but not for one iron lady Yeonmi Park. She has fought in a league of few and won. After being displaced from her home country in North Korea, she ran away to find freedom. She is now a strong force in the fight against violation of human rights. Her story on DailyMail of stunning and knee buckling moments has now been compiled into a book. The new release has the title ‘To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom’. The book is already receiving market attention as a timeless classic to read. Living beyond the obvious The harrowing details of her escape from the motherland to China in 2007 paints the price one has to pay when human rights are not observed. She was separated from her family and went without food at times. She was also indoctrinated with the wrong believe of how Kim Jong 2 was able to read people’s mind including hers. Yeonmi has also faced the alienation from the society after her father was imprisoned. Her family suffered the wrath of being called criminals. The desperate moments led to their fall in the hands of human smugglers who took her and her mother to China. To be free was a dream to Yeonmi. She suffered starvation and knew not what it meant to be free. To get a bowl of rice was also an uphill task. It has also been a story of tears with the risk of being taken to the labor camp staring at her and her mother. Diseases and poor human conditions were also not inevitable. Life was also heart breaking with her loss of connection with her sister Eunmi who has gone to China before them. Rising over challenges The story of Yeonmi is a story of success on Youtube and victory after a long struggle. She found her moment of glory after she presented in the One Young World Summit in 2014. The summit held in Dublin gave her a chance to tell her long struggle to find freedom. Her video on the long struggle was uploaded on YouTube and attracted over 2 million views.

Keeping Dogs Strong With Beneful

They are our best friends, our four legged, shaggy furred canines. For most Americans household dogs are treated like members of the family. We take them on trips, we ensure they have the best healthcare, and many make sure their dogs are remembered during the holidays. That is why many people choose the best dog food for their pets. That is why people choose Beneful brand dog food. Beneful uses only the top ingredients in producing their dog food. The folks put all heart and effort into creating this top line pet food. Only real chunks of meat are blended with accent vegetables like carrots, to make a dog dish pets will love. No bits or pieces of artificial food bits are in top one of America’s favorite pet foods. Purina Beneful utilizes top cuts of pork, chicken, and lamb to give dogs the taste of meat that their bodies need. Protein and other vitamins give dogs the right stuff to keep them going healthy and strong. Beneful food, whether dry or wet, will keep dogs strong active longer. Whether it is a dog at the puppy stage or an adult, Beneful will give dogs a shinier coat, stronger teeth, and an overall better life to keep the furry member of the family going strong. Let your pet enjoy a treat from one of Beneful’s many doggie treats. Canines will think they are being rewarded a delicious snack. In reality these treats are fortified with vitamins and minerals just like Benefu’s dog food. Everyone loves their dogs. From puppy, to the older hound that has given family years of joy or a happy new addition, Beneful is here to give the taste dogs love to keep them active, happy and strong. That is why Beneful is here, to ensure pets live long lasting and fulfilling lives.

CEO Passes: A Dear Friend of CCMP

Stephen P. Murray the President and Chief Executive of CCMP retired in the month of Febuary for medical purposes. Not long afterwards the world was lost of one more soul. Stephen Murray died at the age of 52. Leaving behind him in life his wife and four sons, which Greg Brenneman claimed were his ‘pride and joy’. He also left behind a daughter – in – law. Greg Brenneman the Company’s new CEO announced publicly his sorrow and best wishes for the remaining family.
Stephen was both an investor and deal maker for the company working as both an equity investor and philanthropist. His efforts helped to make CCMP one of the largest privet equity firms in the world at one point. Although the company went through several changes and owners Stephen Murray’s will always be remembered as one of the biggest in their history, having joined their ranks in 1989.

However it’s Stephen Murray CCMP Capital according to wikipedia alone that he will be remembered for. Stephen Murray was also the Resident Vice Chair in the Boston College Board of Trustees. The same College he attended in his younger years. When he passed away on March 12th at home his remains were transported to Thomas M. Gallagher Funeral Home. His funeral was held Tuesday March 17th the day after Calling Hours at the Funeral Home.

Stephen Murray was born on August 2, 1962 in Brooklyn New York and attended Sleepy Hallow High School. Once on to Boston College, Stephen graduate with his degree in Economics. He then moved on to Columbia Business School where he obtained his Masters in Business Administrations. Although Stephen wasn’t originally in the higher offices of CCMP, his money making skills, people skill, and other qualifications quickly gave rise to his career. And with all the friends and influence he accumulated we can honestly say that he will be missed.

CEO Susan McGalla Proves Women Can Break The Glass Ceiling

Susan McGalla on pittsburgh.cbslocal, 41, is living proof that a woman can be a successful leader in a world mostly dominated by men. The Pittsburgh native and graduate of Mount Union College now runs her own professional consulting company – P3 Professional Consultants. McGalla began working for Joseph Horne right out of college. She served in the position of director of marketing during her tenure and was responsible for creating new men’s lines. McGalla says she loved her experience at Joseph Horne, but was looking to branch out.

McGalla says she loves her job, and working in retail has been a rewarding experience. She credits her incredible work ethic from her family upbringing. “My father always instilled the importance of hard work,” says Susan McGalla. “I was brought up in a house filled with boys, and it taught me to be tough.” When McGalla moved on to American Eagle Outfitters, she also started out in marketing. After moving up the ranks, she was installed as CEO. McGalla says there were very few women in the boardroom while she was at the company. But she also points out that she never experienced any type of discrimination or issues due to her gender.

McGalla made the difficult decision to leave American Eagle Outfitters after 15 years. She hired as CEO of Wet Seal Inc. After only a few short years, McGalla parted amicably from the company. It was time to do something new, so she took the opportunity to use her corporate retail experience to many fashion houses all over the world.

The entrepreneur also spends her time with other endeavors. She sits on a number of area boards including Magee Women’s Hospital, the Allegheny Conference on Community Development and trustee at the University of Pittsburgh. The Pennsylvania native also holds the position of Strategic Planning Director for the Pittsburgh Steelers. McGalla says she’s proud of the fact that she was given the opportunity to break the glass ceiling. She believes her promotions were strictly based on merit. She says that she was always taught that her gender would never play a role in her ability to get her due.

McGalla has been praised by a number of officials on her work ethic and vast experience. Even former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell on her abilities and how much she has accomplished as a young executive. McGalla takes it all in stride. “The evolution in women is something that is very encouraging,” according to McGalla.

The New Face of New York City’s Landscape

The inception and development of technology has greatly influenced the landscape and economic situation of many cities across the world. The increasing number tech companies in particular, have affected NYC apartment for sale positively. The following are some of the ways NYC’s technology based firms have affected its real estate demography and landscape.

Price increment and shrinking supply
According to Huffington Post, investment capital from varied sources has been poured into New York tech market at an overwhelming pace. High capital investment has increased the productivity. For instance, it has increased the average financing from six to $17 million. High productivity in the real estate industry accounts for increased leasing transactions in 2014 and much more is expected this year. Tech startups control the demand of the New York City’s real estate industry. Currently, they account for the increase in bids from neighborhoods such as Union Square, Chelsea, and Flatiron. The prices of land in these neighborhoods are on rise. In fact, the current prices are eighty percent more as compared to the prices a decade ago.

Luxurious residential
The tech gurus in NYC must have a shelter. While some want luxurious places, others prefer to stay in less developed areas. Settlement of these professionals has greatly changed the face of NYC landscape. The new residents have created a new complimentary business to suit other needs, and more developments are evident. Most of these residents are young, energetic people just a few years from graduation.

NYC also boasts of luxurious firm that have NYC apartments for sale, one of which is known as TOWN Residential. Andrew Heiberger and Joseph Sitt developed the firm. It offers the best real estate services in New York. TOWN Residential has representatives in every part of New York in bid to avail their services to everyone in need. The representatives offer unprecedented level of expertise to all clients irrespective of social or financial background. Their specialty is residential sales, property development leasing, sales and marketing,and other real estate services. TOWN has a team of professionals with unrivaled experiences and knowledge in the industry. They employ both print and online platforms to implement marketing and sales strategies.

In closing, changes of one factor in life, greatly influences previously unrelated industries, and technology in NYC is no different. The tech firms are working their way to other new cities and neighborhoods. The landscape of the new areas will definitely change to adapt and accommodate the new changes and residents.

Your Dog’s Health Depends on Proper Diet Selection

As we age we seem to become more mindful of our health and wellbeing, I know I most certainly have. Maybe it is a sign of self-awareness in that as we grow older we start to take our own mortality more serious. Whatever the case may be, there is an undeniable trend of us taking better care of ourselves in our later years than we did when we were young and believed ourselves to be invincible. Fortunately, we do not seem to share this same lackadaisical attitude when it comes to our pet’s health and physical wellbeing.

As a lifelong dog rescuer I have always made the nutritional needs of every new found four legged friend I have adopted my first and foremost priority, even before they ever set a paw in their new home. And over my many years of dog rescue and a countless number of tail wagging companions, I have found that I achieve the best nutritional success when I feed my friends Purina brand dog foods.

I know some pet owners get all scientific about what they feed their dogs. They read and compare types and amounts of ingredients of all the different brands, create spreadsheets, read all the reports etc., and I am sure this approach has great merit. Myself, I am a much simpler man and over my many years of rescuing dogs have developed a far less scientific but equally effective approach to pet nutrition selection, a processes that has led me to Purina products time and again.

It is a three-step process and quite the simple one at that. First I select the Purina product like Beneful that best suites the dog’s age and weight. I let the Purina experts decide this for me and I simply choose based on the recommendations provided clearly on the package. Next, I feed the dog and observe. If his or her tail is wagging vigorously and they eat with gusto, I assume that they enjoy what they are eating. Of course I observe this step for several weeks to be sure the enthusiasm does not diminish. And last, I simply pay attention to see if he or she is happy, is playful, remains active and continues to look healthy. In most cases the dogs I rescue seem to be more healthy and happy on a diet provided by Purina. Now I know there are other factors, such as environment, the attention and companionship that we provide one another etc., but I think it is fair to give a large amount of credit to the diet of any pet that is happy and healthy.

Diversity is another great advantage I have experienced with Purina products. The Beneful product line on samaclub provides a countless variety of both wet and dry dog foods and my companions tell me that the Beneful dog treats are to die for, not literally of course.

Handy Is A Growing Home Service Booking App

Finding a good housecleaner is not easy. The same is true of hiring someone who can do more extensive home maintenance work. Upon finding someone who is really skilled and reliable, the price might be a bit too high. What can someone in dire need of solid home cleaning or maintenance work do? Using Handy (formerly known as Handybook) to locate a reputable freelancer might be the best option.

Handy was founded by Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, two entrepreneurs who met as roomates at Harvard Business. It was Hanrahan who dubbed Handy as the soon-to-be “Uber of home maintenance”. Uber is the now-famous transportation company that allows freelancers to give people rides after booking services through an app. Handy follows a similar concept. Instead of helping people find a ride, the app aids individuals in search of maids, plumbers, and repair professionals. A lot of people definitely are finding the workers they want to hire. About $1 million in bookings are processed through Handy per week.

Handy is definitely growing in the marketplace. The company now has offices in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, and Chicago. The expanding growth of Handy shows customers are incredibly interested in taking advantage of what the app has to offer. At the most basic of levels, Handy is providing a convenient and valuable service that is providing great competition to traditional home maintenance and cleaning businesses.

Convenience is definitely something people want these days when hiring a professional service. A homeowner or apartment resident could have any room cleaned with a few simple taps on a mobile device. Upon typing in basic geographic information such as a zip code along with the type of work needed and the price range willing to be paid, a list of freelancers immediately appears. All the scheduling and payment processing is done through Handy. (Handy then pays the freelancers) People who are always busy and on the go will appreciate what Handy can do for them. Of course, freelancers really do appreciate Handy as well. The app delivers a great source of income for those who are approved.

Yes, freelancers have to be approved. They simply cannot put their services up for sale without any screening process. Handy is a booking app, not a classified listing. Reaching Handy’s high standards is very hard. The rejection rate is about 97%. Those who are approved are among the top freelancers in their field. Consider this one more thing customers will like.

Chicagoan Business and Marketing Leaders Shaking the Markets

For any business venture to thrive, the brains behind it should be able to have a workable strategy to ensure this. A successful business leader possesses strong leadership skills, an uncanny ability to generate game-changing ideas and a knack for hiring exceptional talent. In short, he or she is simultaneously calculated, clever, collaborative, composed, confident and creative. Most Chicagoan business leaders possess these characteristics if increased margins of profits being witnessed in their businesses over the past years is anything to go by. Especially the year 2014 which most Chicagoan businesses achieved tremendous success. 2015 is also looking good according to Silicon Valley Bank’s Annual Innovation Economy Outlook which anticipates that the growth is likely to continue toward the end of the year. It is therefore no surprise that the entrepreneurs, business executives and leaders from Chicago are eager to identify and invest in the new opportunities that present themselves.
What makes Chicagoan business leaders like Majeed Ekbal and marketing leaders any special from others? You might wonder. Chicagoan business leaders are well organized. In as much as each business leader has his or her own way of running a successful business, the ones from Chicago have formed a powerful mesh of collaboration popularly referred to as Chicagoan business and marketing leaders who are amongst the most powerful leaders in the world including Peter McGuiness, the Chief Marketing and Brand Officer at Chobani and Trina Dru Gordon, President and CEO of Boyden World Corporation. Apart from being well organized, these business leaders are members of various business associations such as The Magnificent Mile Association hence strengthening their cohesion.
A perfect example of a Chicagoan business leader who has achieved much prowess in the business world is Majeed Ekbal. Majeed Ekbal is an entrepreneur and business executive in Chicago currently serving as the President of Expresso, 2400 N. Lakeview Ave, a company that buys and delivers groceries. He is talented, versatile and skillful with decades of experience working as a marketing executive and an entrepreneur. After obtaining his undergraduate from American University in Washington D.C, he established Expresso which specializes in providing unforgettable grocery shopping experience. The firm purchases food items on behalf of clients and delivers them within a specified period. Currently operating in the Lincoln Park, Near North and downtown and covering all areas west of Ashland Avenue, Majeed Ekbal plans to extend the services offered by Expresso to Evanston, Wilmete and other North shore suburbs.

A Guide To Choosing the Right Dog Food

Having a pet dog is fun and most people have dreamt about keeping one. There are different breeds of dogs, which are unique. Just like any other animal, dogs need a proper diet and regular medication to protect them from some dangerous diseases that could harm not only the dog, but also human beings in their vicinity. Keeping a healthy pet not only offers one satisfaction, but also assures the owner there will be no damage caused from the animal. There are different dog foods that are available and choosing the best has been a question that most homeowners have been forced to work out. Here is a simple guide that helps you to make the best choice of dog food.

Seek professional advice
Before you go out to search for dog food, you need some advice from a well trained professional on Understanding about the needs of your pet is something that helps you to make the right decisions when out to buy food for the animal. The best way to understand what your dog needs is by contacting a professional who has dealt with animals for a long time to get some guidelines about choosing the perfect food for the dog. A professional is able to offer recommendations that will help to fulfill the nutritional needs of the dog. He/she is able to understand the level of deficiency the animal is facing and the right nutrients that are needed to keep your dog healthy.

Nutritional needs
Different foods offer different levels of nutrients and this is something that cannot be overlooked when searching for dog food. Beneful is a whole dog food that is rich in all the necessary nutrients that can help to offer your dog the desired nutritional stability. This is a perfect recommendation that one can go for to ensure their pet gets all the supplements that are needed to keep the body fit. Beneful is also easy to prepare and can blend easily with different foods. It also allows the dog to get more appetite. Most professionals have recommended Beneful for dogs that are not feeling well as it helps to make the animal stronger.

Consider food allergy
As stated earlier, it is necessary to involve a professional, who will offer guidance on choosing food for your dog. This is effected through measures that are meant to reveal what is needed to keep the animal fit. There are also foods that lead to allergy when taken by the dog and these are some of the varieties you should not buy. A dog may be allergic to a certain kind of food, so having this information in advance helps one to make a perfect choice while out in the market. Take some time to learn about the needs of your dog. Regular visits to a professional who has dealt with animals for long will help you to make a more informed decision while buying dog food. Buying any kind of food could pose a threat to the health of your dog


Although free mobile services may seem incredible, that is exactly what FreedomPop is about. The company provides wireless data and free mobile service, including free voice and mobile phones, and it has also announced its plans to expand to the UK on Three’s network this year. This was originally reported on the Daily Mail, a British tabloid newspaper.

The company has been operating for three years, with almost one million customers. The company, which is based in Lo Angeles, is now offering 200 texts, 200 minutes, and 200 MBs of data to the customers of the UK. Furthermore, the customers can earn extra data, and all they need to do is to download coupons and complete third-party surveys. Many people have already signed up for this, and its free service is now available via SIM card, or via FreedomPop app. The app serves to show how many free texts, data and minutes they have. Its offer of 200 MBs is enough for 500 web views, and it also covers about 60 posts and 1,000 text emails. In addition to this, the company’s offers range from 2.5 GBs for a 10-minute survey to 10 MBs for rating an app.

The date of users can also be shared with their family or friends if they want, and if they do not use it till the end of the month, it will be rolled over again. However, if they want to call people from other countries, they can get a virtual phone number for international calls.

Although the UK has had many mobile services and providers, none of them offered services that would enable free and guaranteed calls. Furthermore, the UK is now the first country outside the USA to get FreedomPop, and its contract is perfect for light phone users and for moderate users who are ready to fill out some surveys and earn extra free data.

So, those who have never had such mobile service are now given the opportunity to speak to people from other countries, and if they are lucky enough to be among the first 10,000 people to sign up for this, they will get 1,000 texts, 1,000 minutes and 1 GB of free data.