The Biscayne Area of Miami: An Ever-Changing Vision of Paradise

In its evaluation of institutions of higher education published in March of this year, The Economist pointed out that business colleges in the Boston area distinguished themselves by the high earnings their graduates earn within the first ten years, ranking just behind Harvard and MIT; and that one of those, Babson College, founded in 1919, requires its graduates to actually start a company.

It is from this particular College that Danilo Diaz Granados earned his degree in Entrepreneurship and Economics He’s been Manager at Movilway communications since 2012 and is co-founder of Toys for Boys, an exclusive bourique with offices in Miami, specializing in luxury items, destinations and residences.  He;s also a popular follow on Instagram, as well as Facebook.

Last month, Diaz-Granados was host to a preview tour which began with his joining invited guests for breakfast and a helicopter ride to 1000 Museum, a private, 30,000 square-foot tower designed by Zaha Hadid, a Pritzer Prize-winning architecht. featuring a lifestyle, and amenities for fitness and pampering designed to cater to fewer than 100 six-star luxury residences, complete with a helipad. places to sun, swim and socialize without even leaving the tower itself, situated in the heart of the Biscayne area of Miami. Overlooking Museum Park, it’s near all manor of upscale purveyors of quality items imaginable and adjacent to the best cuisine, within a few hundred yards. A second helicopter ride ferried guests to the Palm Beach Race Track where each had w chance to take a drive around the track.

A luncheon followed at the River Yacht Club hosted by Dom Perignon. The first-ever Van Dutch Lounge is located on the rooftop, with exceptional views of Miami. The Van Dutch Lounge also features a unique span of 1.000 linear feet of dockage on on the Miami River allowing members to tie up adjacent to their dining table if they care to. Van Dutch and Technomar, were two of the sponsors of the preview, and guests were treated to a sail on the newest of their boats, as the sun set on an excursion to the city of Miami: The summoning of Danilo Diaz Granados to a vision of paradise.

Norka Luque: A Remarkable Latin Music Star in the Making

There is this extraordinary phenomenon that we all experience at some point in life. We meet some people who change our lives completely. Such occurrences come out of nowhere, and their impacts are never forgotten. The Venezuelan singer, Norka Martinez Luque experienced one of these life-changing incidents when she decided to settle in the United States to pursue her music career. Norka met the Grammy-award winning producer – Emilio Estefan.

Music career

Most American audiences may not be familiar with the Venezuelan singer but in the Latin community, she is very popular. Norka Luque began her journey as a singer when she was still a child. Her parents allowed her to train for singing, piano, dance, flamenco and ballet. Her parents also ensured that she received a formal education. After completing her high school studies, she moved to France to further her studies.

During her spare time, she performed in French nightclubs as a way of connecting with her musical aspirations. The talented vocalist decided to join a band by the name Bad Moon Rising. Bad Moon Rising created a favorable platform for her to meet different professionals in the music industry. She graduated successfully with degrees in marketing, fashion and culinary arts.

As mentioned above, Norka’s encounter with Emilio changed her life. Norka presented samples of her work to Emilio and hoped only for the best. Emilio asked her to join him in the Crescent Moon Studios after a few days. She believed that she could make a star out her. Emilio encouraged Norka to continue taking singing lessons for discipline creation.

Her first single As You Do It was released in 2011. The legendary Archie Pena wrote the single. During the same year, she was nominated for the award of best female Latin pop artist. Norka released another single dubbed Miracle. Miracle topped charts in Venezuela. The song was a hit in the country for four straight months. The dance club version of the hit climbed to the 11th position in the dance club genre. Miracle was also written by Archie Pena. The song is a unique blend of pop, rock and roll, reggae and even some elements of Mediterranean beats. Her latest single Tomorrowland is also enjoying massive airplay in Venezuela, Puerto Rico, and the United States.

This is just the beginning for the Venezuelan singer. She is taking after Shakira, a Latin musician who burst into the mainstream music scene several years ago. Her songs have filled the airwaves both locally and internationally.

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Malini Saba-Investor And Philanthropist

Any article about Malini Saba has to focus on two areas: investing and philanthropy. She has excelled in both areas during her life, particularly since her arrival in the United States. Malini is of South Asian origin, and is thought of as among the best in the world in her two areas. She founded Saban, a company with worldwide investments in American technology companies, Chinese oil and gas, and real estate in both Australia and India. Her investments have allowed her to donate money to many causes around the world.

Stree: Global Investments in Women” was started by Malini Saba in 2001. This non-profit’s goal is to change the way low income and at-risk women and children perceive their lives, and how those lives integrate with the societies where they live. “Stree” focuses on providing healthcare for the women and children, showing them how to obtain power through the legal system, and, in general, how to become part of the discussion of public policy. The non-profit seeks to accomplish these goals in Africa, Central America, India, and Eastern Europe. “Stree” has benefited from support by former President Bill Clinton and Jordan’s Queen Noor.

Malini was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her parents were from Sri Lanka, and Malini was raised in Australia. She came to the United States to study at Stanford University with $200 to her name. Malini took advantage of every free lecture where she learned much of the knowledge that started her on her path of investing and philanthropy. She also sought out investment bankers, and questioned them, absorbing their knowledge and experience. Using their advice, she started investing her savings in areas such as telecommunications and real estate. Those investments grew until she was able to begin her life work of giving to worthy causes.

Malini Saba’s website details her life and accomplishments, and a quick reading gives an insight to what makes her successful. The Official site of a philanthropist Her ability to identify and invest in highly successful companies ahead of the crowd demonstrates how she learned and applied sound investment practices. Firms such as Sycamore Networks, Inc., PayPal Inc., and Netscreen Technologies, Inc., are all examples of Malini’s investments skills. She has taken the proceeds of her investments and donated them to further her goals of empowering women throughout the world.

Lovaganza’s Global Mission

Lovaganza is a non profit organization with high goals for the children around the world. They believe all children deserve clean drinking water, safe food, adequate health care, a safe place to be, free from child labor and forced marriage, and to be removed from involvement in warfare. They have a staged plan starting with studying various countries to identify the needs, and how to go about reaching those goal without disrupting the culture of that region.

The Lovaganza group is funded by the Lovaganza Foundation which is planning the biggest global celebration for 2020. With technology advancing at such a fast pace, 3D imaging will quickly be at an almost unbelievable height with the advancement of glasses-free technology and will be here before 2020 for the launch of the Lovaganza Celebration.

A traveling show to promote the 2020 Celebration is set to be launched in 2017. Lovaganza plan to show three major motion pictures during the celebration. These are being filmed in various locations around the world. With the new Immerscope screens, these films will be more intense than any film before.

The four month long event will not just focus on the three motion pictures, but will also focus on immersive attractions, have live events as well as exhibits on Tumblr. They want to have something from every culture to help bring a sense of unity and cooperation. They plan to intertwine historical cultural ideas with present ideas and speculate as to the future. By making these films and displaying them around the world, Lovaganza Foundations not only hopes to raise a lot of funds to support their ultimate goals for the children of the world, but also has high hopes of bring cultures together.

The Lovaganza Foundation hopes to dazzle and wow audiences around the world with their latest cutting edge technology. Places like the Middle East and Africa would normally not see such advanced technology at least not this quickly. The Lovaganza Foundation want everyone to experience it together. They plan to wrap up their global four month celebration with a Hands Across the World ceremony. The hope is that as more people understand other cultures they will be more willing to join forces to bring help and hope the children of the world.

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Jim Hunt’s Wealth Wave Reigns Supreme

Jim Hunt, advisor for VTA Publications, has just launched Wealth Wave, a strategy he has recently discovered that can help anybody make money from a falling stock market. The method compares to a surfer catching a perfect name, hence the name Wealth Wave. Jim Hunt states that timing is key for the strategy to work. He says that money is not destroyed when the stock market crashes, but simply transferred somewhere else or somebody else.

VTA Publications is a non-fiction publisher for distance learning courses as well as an events organizer for specialist genres. Having been established in 2012, thousands of people have enjoyed the products and services of the company. VTA Publication’s goal is to provide people with cutting-edge information digitally and physically, specializing specifically in finance and economics. The company aims to provide the best experts from around the world so they can bring their experience to the customers in easy-to-use format. VTA Publications also books events and seminars related to their content. The company is currently located in Norfolk, England and has one active director. They currently have about 100 pounds worth of capital and has about one shareholder at the moment. The sole director and officer of the company is Geraldine Roberts.  Jim Hunt can be sought on social media for more examples of Wealth Wave’s success.  Look him up on Twitter, as well as YouTube.

FreedomPop Has The Lowest Prices On Services That Everyone Needs

Wi-Fi service is so important that many may choose where they will go during the day, depending on where they can pick up Wi-Fi service. Since not everyone has the privilege of being able to use their data on their cell phone when they need it, Wi-Fi can be very important to some people. Those who have a laptop or tablet that needs Wi-Fi can benefit from FreedomPop’s Wi-Fi service as well as the other services that FreedomPop offers. Although no one is required to do so, those who choose FreedomPop’s Wi-Fi service may also want to consider getting their cell phone service as well.

The Wi-Fi service that FreedomPop currently has is unlimited for only five dollars each and every month, but there is no contract to keep a person paying FreedomPop every month because they can cancel the service at any time. The FreedomPop Wi-Fi service is also unlimited, which means no additional bills, no additional charges, and the user can access the Internet as much as they want. The FreedomPop Wi-Fi service has to be accessed through an application, which means that there is going to be accountability for those who use the service.

Since there are a large number of people using Wi-Fi these days, it’s a lot safer if each person has to sign into a Wi-Fi server in order to use it, and with personal information being used to access the service, it’s less likely that any fraudulent activities will take place with the Wi-Fi service. Those that use the FreedomPop Wi-Fi service will have a much safer place to access the Internet, and they’ll also be getting 4G LTE speeds as well. Those that don’t have a tablet or laptop that can download the FreedomPop application can do it from their cell phone.

Anyone who chooses a FreedomPop cell phone will enjoy the service because the most they’ll pay each month is $20 for unlimited service. The unlimited service will include text messages, calls, multimedia messages, and data. There is one gigabyte of 4G LTE data that’s going to be included with this unlimited plan, but the 3G speeds will still remain after the 4G LTE data is used if the user chooses not to get additional 4G LTE data. For less than the cost of paying for lunch every day for a week, anyone can have cell phone service from FreedomPop, which is a great deal.

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Retire early and be healthy with The Midas Legacy

You raised your family and you have saved for retirement. Is it enough? The Midas Legacy will be able to help you realize your dreams of success on They are the one consulting group that not only will help you build your wealth, but they will help you build your health naturally, and not with the aid of expensive and dangerous drugs.

How they are able to do this is by offering capital to those who have the desire and drive to help others in real estate, finance, natural health, and entrepreneurship. They know that if you are able to help others, you will be helped and reach the goals you have set for yourself.

You get started by consulting first with the company. When you become a member, you get first hand tips on how to build and protect that wealth. It comes in a free guide from The Midas Legacy called The Midas Code. Their mission is to help you reach the level of success you have set for yourself.

Jim Samson, is one of the experts within the organization that has nearly two decades of experience in real estate. He brings not only that experience, but he is a successful author and trader.

Sean Bower is a successful business journalist who brings substantial knowledge of finance to The Midas Legacy on He is an active contributor who frequently write for The Midas Legacy website.

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These 2 magic numbers will change your life

Get cash from your bank?

Mark Edwards is a person in the company whom the drug companies don’t want you to know. Mark is an avid believer in natural health cures. He knows the drug companies want you to spend your hard earned money on their expensive and sometimes dangerous drugs. He also knows you can spend less and get even better results of being healthy the natural way.

The Midas Legacy has done a great service to the community. They give back with extremely generous donations to worthy charities in and around the Winter Garden, Florida. They donate to the Salvation Army, the Florida Sheriff’s Association, and many others.

Each person wants peace and happiness in their lives. It is attainable. You can have it. The Midas Legacy will help you reach your desired level of success and help you reach your health goals the natural way.

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A Bank That Delivers: How Madison Street Capital Strives to Support Clients

Each year the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts seek out forty men and women under the age of forty in the business industry who make significant advances in acquisitions, financial forensics, litigation consulting, mergers, valuation, and other related professions. This acknowledgement program, called 40 Under Forty, recognized Anthony Marsala, a co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Madison Street Capital, as both a nominee and then a honoree in 2015.

The nominee pool included over one hundred and twenty-five successful individuals who had extraordinary in their respective fields. Marsala’s influential leadership and management in Madison Street Capital’s international affairs, though, encouraged the Executive Staff of the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts to select him in the top forty. To find out more about Marsala being selected for 40 Under Forty, check out

Madison Street Capital strives as an international investment banking firm that provides corporate financial advisory services, mergers and acquisitions knowledge, capital restructuring, and valuation services. The company defines itself on its philosophy of professionalism and integrity, which is shown through every business interaction. In addition, the company seeks to put clients first by deeply analyzing all of a client’s needs before undergoing action. This is done so professionals can find the best matches for the specific client.

While Madison Street Capital serves clients around the world, with offices in North America, Asia, and Africa, the company also works hard at creating strong businesses and relationships in communities all around the United States. Madison Street Capital strives at dedicating time to both local and global communities in hopes to make positive differences, which can be seen in their strong support towards organizations such as the United Way. With years of experience in both relationship building and finances, Madison Street Capital is able to support clients through a variety of investment banking actions. In all, the company is devoted to use its experience to make positive differences for clients in both local and global communities.

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Workville NYC Promotes Work Space Unity


Workville is a company that helps businesses to establish co-worker spaces that help to promote company unity and cooperation. Workville NYC has been around for a few years but their idea of shared co-worker space is nothing new. However, the way that this company promotes this type of work environment is something to get excited about.

Workville offers Manhattan offices for rent. They rent open spaces and private offices for co-worker related activities. Workville is a company that thoroughly understands the importance of sharing work space.

What is so important about employees sharing work space? Well, first of all it helps employees to be part of the work space community. Employees who work side by side feel like they are a part of a bigger cause. This in turns helps to create an environment filled with comradery and friendship.

When a bunch of employees work together, being able to get along is essential to the efficient operation of the work environment. Work space sharing helps to build cooperation because people have to rely on the person beside them to get their job done, which in turns helps to accomplish their work.

Employees like to be in control. When they work inside of a shared work space they can feel like they are accomplishing more and doing things that are beneficial to the company. Sharing work space helps to create this type of effect for employees and in turn helps them to do a better job.

Workville also offers shared mobile work sites for people to work outside of their office. This usually provides a new and refreshing way for employees to get their work done. Outside terrace areas by Workville is offered to companies. Workville can even set up a mobile work site almost anywhere.

The idea of shared work space helps people to get their jobs done a lot more effectively and in many cases a lot easier. CEO and managers of companies should consider taking advantage of these services offered by Workville. It will provide their employees with an alternative place to work and help to improve overall productivity.

Malini Saba Provides Blueprint to Balancing Life and Giving

In the business world there are many females executives that are breaking the boundaries as top female executives. I have been quite intrigued by Malini Saba who is the founder of Saban. This is a company that has made Malini Saba one of the top philanthropists in all of South Asia.

I think that she is really a very influential person to all the women in Asia and America because she defies the odds. Her ability to keep her business mindset and still maintain a family life makes her one of my corporate heroes. Even though she is the founder of Saban, she is still able to make time to take her daughter to school. She may have meetings all day long with her company, but she also picks her daughter up. This is something that is quite interesting to me. I have been amazed to see just how well she has been able to move without the restrictions that so many of us face from day to day.

As a person that has a daughter that has to be taken to school daily, I know how much she much has to do in order to accomplish a task as small as this. She has her Saban company that maintains investments in technology, oil and gas companies. There is also a non-profit organization called Stree: Global Investments in Women that helps low income women that are battling poverty and other struggles that come along with this. It is evident to see that her time is filled with one meeting after another. That hasn’t stopped her from getting up early to take her daughter to school though.

I think that there is a different mindset in Asia that has made it possible for her and other successful businessmen like Vijay Eswaran to thrive. They believe that every job that they have ever had presents a learning experience. Saba believes that hard work is important, but she knows the value of balancing life activities. Malini doesn’t believe in a nanny because she believes that parents should spend time bonding with their children.

Over the length of her career she has given more than a million to help others in various ways. She has the ability to do that because she invested in the technology heavy hitters like eBay and PayPal early on in life. Her life is one that is filled with philanthropy.